Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chicken & Beef Pies at Cottage Pies Cafe

Ever since we tried the sublime pies at Miami Bakehouse over at Perth, we've been looking for a local alternative to satiate our pastry cravings. Which has been quite hard, really. Perhaps it's because we don't really have that "pie culture," but there just aren't that many pie joints around.

Our search for the nice pie brings us to the Cottage Pie Cafe over at the White Sands Shopping Centre next to the Pasir Ris MRT station. "Cafe" is perhaps stretching things a bit, because it's pretty much just a kiosk, outdoors facing the taxi station.

There's about a dozen different freshly-baked varieties on offer. We try the Steak & Mushroom Pie, which is nice and fluffy, if a little low on the filling-to-pastry ratio.

The chicken pies come in three flavors - normal, black pepper, and curry. These pies are quite a bit smaller - bigger mouthes could finish off a pie in three or four bites.

We paid SGD7.50 for the two pies, so prices are reasonable. Perfect for tapau'ing a dozen or more for breakfast, tea, pot lucks, etc. I'd say the pies are pretty good for local standards - that is to say, still nowhere near the delicious pies in Perth.


  1. that's true, it's tough to find pies worth eating in KL too. i rarely ever order them in cafes here, expecting them to be doughy/stodgy. here's hoping we'll get some great pie places eventually =)

  2. Yummy, this is one of my all time favorites...Thanks for sharing this recipe.