Monday, July 2, 2012

Pasta de Waraku - Japanese-style Pasta!

The darling and I frequent Changi Airport quite often - thanks to its' relative proximity, and multiple dining options available to the public. I've never done a proper count, but there could easily be three dozen or more separate eateries. Best part is that unlike other airports, prices aren't inflated at all. In fact, retail outlets can even be cheaper than elsewhere thanks to the 7% GST absorption.

Eating at the same joints over and over again can be a bit tiring though, so we venture into a Japanese pasta eatery named Pasta de Waraku. Located at the public areas of Terminal 2, the place offers up a myriad of different pasta dishes - some more Japanified than others.

Each pasta order comes with a mini salad bowl that can at best be described as mediocre. It's got your usual mix of salad greens, a (sour!) cherry tomato, and Wafu (sour/salty vinaigrette) dressing.

For starters, we try the Meatball Teriyaki (SGD8.80 for a half-dozen), which actually tasted pretty good. I'd wager they prepare it almost exactly the same as a Hamburg Steak.

The Fried Potato with Cheese Sauce (SGD4.80) was a little lacklustre, though. Fried potatoes. With nacho cheese sauce. Yes, it tastes exactly like what you'd imagine.

Pasta-wise, the Spaghetti alla Bolognese (SGD14.80) was way too watery for my tastes. I like my bolognese Meaty; this one was just weak and wimpy. As is the case with most mass-market pasta joints, the pasta itself was also overcooked - soft and devoid of that al dente slight chewiness.

The Prawn Spicy Carbonara (SGD16.80) comes with an extremely generous serving of large, fresh, springy prawns. Too bad, then, that the rest of the dish is lacklustre. I think you should also be able to see just how watery the carbonara sauce was. It felt more like carbonara-based soup rather than a real pasta sauce.

Overall, we probably would not return. Prices aren't low enough to accept the unimpressive food, especially when there are so many other superior dining options nearby.

Pasta de Waraku has three outlets around the City - Terminal 2, The Central and Square 2. Non-halal.

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