Thursday, July 26, 2012

Menya Musashi's Curry Ramen (ION Orchard)

Quick and Short update - Menya Musashi has opened a new outlet in ION Orchard!

Unlike the branch over at Raffles City, there isn't much of a queue for the ION Branch - possibly because not many people know about it yet?

Anyways, the flyer outside caught my eye because, well ... Curry Ramen? That would be a definite first for me, so the darling and I give this joint a second shot!

The Curry Ramen is ... interesting. Instead of your typical cha shu it comes with shabu shabu-style sweet pork slices, in a watered down and yet still starchy-bordering-on-slimy curry sauce. It tastes good but I still don't like the texture of the broth.

In our previous visit we didn't at all get used to the starchy/slimy broth, and nothing has changed since that visit. The darling's white cha shu ramen was also, in our opinion, tasty, but the soup broth just didn't sit well with us.

At almost SGD40 for the two of us (including gyoza and two cups of houjicha), the pricing is a little on the low side when it comes to these Japanese Ramen joints. Pity that the style of broth isn't compatible with our taste buds!

Our Ramen Rankings:
Superb!: Ippudo & Santouka
Delicious!: Nantsuttei, Tampopo & Keisuke Tonkotsu King
Solid: Shin-Sapporo, Keisuke, Gantetsu, Gensuke, Riki, Ikkousha & Bario
Below Average: Marutama, Menya Musashi & Menya Iroha

Apologies for the poor quality of photos in the post, but we didn't have our normal cameras with us.


  1. curry ramen! i actually like curry flavored instant noodles, so i guess i'd like curry ramen too :D

  2. I liked the seasonal special, the rest... emm... soso.

    1. Yeah, I've tried two outlets of Menya Musashi now and I haven't been impressed, don't get why it's so "hot" i.e. everyone else seems to like it lots.