Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Seoul Yummy - Casual Korean (Suntec City Outlet)

Whenever I think of Korean food, two things spring to mind: Korean BBQ and Kim Chi in various forms. Korean cuisine is a whole lot more than that, of course. I suppose in our corner of the world, Korean BBQ joints seem to form the majority of restaurants serving Korean cuisine.

The darling and I came across Seoul Yummy in Suntec City Mall, which presents itself as a casual Korean dining place. Menu prices seemed pretty reasonable, and well ... there was a huge (faux) tree in the middle of the dining area with bright orange leaves, making it actually quite inviting.

We go for their weekend Set Lunch, which for SGD20 nett buys you a glass (or cup) of Hot / Cold Roasted Barley Tea and a choice of Starter and Main Course. Oh, and not forgetting the customary banchan (side dishes) that most Korean places serve.

Personally, I found the banchan rather lacklustre and forgettable. The kimchi was a particular disappointment, lacking in spiciness (heat) and overloaded on the sour.

Our first starter is the Steamed Kimchi with Pork Dumplings, which isn't too bad. It sort of tastes like a steamed gyoza with kimchi as the vegetable component. The dough is a tad bit on the thick side, though.

The Potato Pancake was a little disappointing. To be honest I'm not entirely sure how this pancake is supposed to taste. To me it was just bordering-on-tasteless starch, even when liberally dipped into the provided sauce.

The darling orders the Bibimbap (Mixed Vegetable Stone Pot Rice) with Pork - which ended being pretty run-of-the-mill stuff.

My Hotplate Spicy Kimchi Soup with Pork (and rice) fared little better. The soup itself was quite a bit more watery & diluted than I was hoping for, and lacked "ooomph." At least the ingredients were quite generous - lots of pork, tofu, egg and assorted vegetables floating around.

For the price that we paid, I think that the meal was satisfactory. It certainly wouldn't qualify as "gourmet," but then it's unreasonable to expect gourmet taste for un-gourmet money. If you're craving for Korean food and don't really want to break the bank, Seoul Yummy should satisfy, but otherwise you'd probably have more satisfaction elsewhere.

Seoul Yummy is located at the Basement Level of Suntec City Mall. Non halal.


  1. my favorite korean recipe is bibimbap! love the blend of the rice and egg and other ingredients. i wonder if this place does a good bibimbap :D

  2. There's always room for korean. Can never get enough of it! :P