Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dessert Exploration::: Japanese Peach Jelly 80ºC with Western Canned Peach

Peachy Peach Jelly since darling love peach so much. When I found this at Isetan Orchard Singapore, just couldn't resist and grab it to make for our dessert and also share with our friends in office.

Japanese Peach Jelly 80ºC (Picture shown below)
1 Litre of Boiling Water
1 Can of Western Peach
Silicon/Plastic cups

Find the following product in the Japanese store. It's good enough to make it into a Jelly without canned Peach. We love the flavour of the jelly itself.

While waiting for the water to boil, cube up the peaches and place them in the silicon cups.

Pour the water in a bowl, place the thermometer and wait for the water to reach 80ºC. When it reaches pour in the Japanese Peach Jelly 80ºC powder and stir until all dissolve.

Distribute the Japanese Peach Jelly 80ºC mixture into the silicon cups. If there are bubbles remember to break them for a smooth finish. Put all the filled cups into the fridge to chill and you'll get to eat Japanese Peach Jelly soon!


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