Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Superb Seafood overlooking the Ocean at Two Oceans Restaurant, Cape Point.

Cape Point, the South-Western most tip of the African continent, is a must-see attraction when visiting Cape Town. The Atlantic and Indian oceans meet around this area, and some claim that you can see a 'line in the water' marking the separation of both oceans. Take a leisurely drive (with stops at touristy spots along the way) in the morning and you should reach Cape Point just in time for lunch at the marvelous Two Oceans Restaurant.

Two Oceans Restaurant Cape Point

The outdoor seating area has a gorgeous view over False Bay, but the sun (even in winter) can be uncomfortably strong. Seafood and Sushi dominate the menu, with a handful of meat dishes for the more carnivorous.

Two Oceans Restaurant Cape Point Bread and Butter

The signature Two Oceans Chowder soup is potato-based instead of the tomato-based version at Greek Fisherman. The seafood portions - shrimp, mussels and fish - are generous but the broth itself is perhaps a little lacking in flavor.

Two Oceans Restaurant Cape Point Seafood Chowder

The Nigiri Platter is above average for African standards. The assorted fish is pretty fresh, but the rice ball is huge and can't be eaten in a single mouthful for the average eater.

Two Oceans Restaurant Cape Point Assorted Sushi

We also try the Prime Rib which comes with a liberal sprinkling of shaved sea salt. Too liberal, in my opinion - it makes the entire steak way too salty. The meat was also surprisingly tough and chewy despite being cooked medium rare, so disappointment overall.

Two Oceans Restaurant Cape Point Prime Rib

The Prawn Curry is similarly disappointing, with way too much Saffron and not enough spice. Prawns were fresh, though.

Two Oceans Restaurant Cape Point Prawn Curry

On the other hand, we thoroughly enjoyed the Fish and Chips - it's battered and deep fried wonderfully, and is light and crispy. The accompanying honey mustard sauce is somewhat of an odd choice, though, so you might be better off asking for regular tartare sauce.

Two Oceans Restaurant Cape Point Fish and Chips

The Pan-Fried Hake was also pretty nice - very well fried with a crispy skin, seated on a bed of wilted spinach and baby potatoes.

Two Oceans Restaurant Cape Point Pan Fried Hake

We end up pretty satisfied overall with the food and service - Two Oceans is the only restaurant at Cape Point (i.e., no competition) but has maintained some pretty good standards. Food isn't expensive too - no more than sgd40 per person. No Pork.


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