Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lunch at Fukuichi Japanese Dining - TripleOne Somerset, Orchard

We've found that when eating out at Japanese places locally, there's not many good "mid range" places. There are great restaurants which cost an arm and a leg, and there are cheap restaurants which serve up mediocre food at best. Our search for good "in between" eateries brings us to TripleOne Somerset to try out lunch at Fukuichi Japanese Dining. These folks have a partnership of sorts with Shizuoka-based fishery Fukuichimaru, who ship the fish directly to Singapore where it's stored at ultra low -55°C temperatures before ending up on your plate.

So in theory, the fish and sushi/sashimi should be pretty good!

Out of curiosity we order the Corn Tempura ($15.00), which turns out to be pretty good, if a little pricey. We thought that the crunch of the tempura with the slight umami saltiness of the dipping sauce went very well with the juices from the sweet corn, and makes for a great appetizer.

Fukuichi Japanese Dining Corn Tempura

The Assorted Premium Sushi costs $35 for 7 nigiri, a maki and a slice of tamagoyaki. We're ever so slightly disappointed that we only get akami and no chu toro - too much to ask at this price range, perhaps? In any case the sushi was pretty good, and well portioned with a generous ratio of fish to riceball, while still being the perfect size to munch in one bite.

Fukuichi Japanese Dining Assorted Sushi

We also order a Shiro Maguro Maki (White/Albacore Tuna roll, $22.00) - strips of slightly blowtorch'ed albacore tuna meat wrapped over rice, nori, cucumber and japanese pickles. We liked the addition of the pickles which gave an interesting semi-cruncy bite. Would definitely order this again.

Fukuichi Japanese Dining Shiro Maguro Maki

The one letdown of our meal was perhaps the Grilled Tuna Collar ($30.00). We thought that although there was nice char and aroma from the grill, most of the meat was a bit dry and plain. Pricey, too.

Fukuichi Japanese Dining Tuna Jaw

So at a price tag of $122.40 for two people after taxes, Fukuichi sits firmly in mid-range restaurant territory both in price and quality of food served. If you'd like to 'test the water,' their lunch set menu's come in at around $15-$30 each which is probably a lot better value than ordering ala carte. Non halal.

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