Friday, November 1, 2013

Caramel Sauce Recipe with Lesson Learnt Tips!

There is tons of recipe that require caramel sauce. I personally love caramel sauce. I love to drizzle them over desserts. Yum... I've already have a recipe in mind that will come after this blogpost so stay tune!

200g Sugar
50g-80g Filtered Water
30g Salted Butter
150g Heavy Cream
2 teaspoon Vanilla Essence

Step 1 In a heavy bottom pan, pour in the Sugar.
Step 2 Add in the Filtered Water and stir to mix well. Add extra Filtered Water if required.
Step 3 Cook the mixture over medium heat until the Sugar dissolves.
Step 4 Then raise the heat to medium high, and cook until it turns amber coloured. To be exact, lower the fire when the thermometer reaches 350°F/176°C.
Step 5 Add in the Salted Butter and wait for it to melt while you gently swirl to mix them up.
Step 6 Remove from the pan from the heat, and add the Heavy Cream and Vanilla Essence. Again, gently swirl to mix them up.
Step 7 Let the caramel sauce cool, then transfer to a container.


Some tips from us after attempts:
- Any type of sugar works. Different type of sugar will bring slight different taste to your caramel sauce. Castor Sugar, Raw Sugar, Brown Sugar you name it.
- Adding additional water then the above mentioned is fine. It'll all boil off, just that it takes longer time for the temperature to rise.
- Once placed over the heat, try to avoid stirring the caramelising sugar. Best is do not stir at all. Why? It's because stirring also promotes crystallisation.
- Refrigerate the sauce can last up to 2 weeks, warm the sauce up before using.

Don't give up we failed once, and this is our second trial.

Really happy with the results.

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