Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bintang Seafood Palace - K-Club in Taman Melawati

The good thing about eating Chinese-style dinners in a group is that there's lots of different dishes to eat and take pictures of. But when I'm not the one ordering, I have no idea what the names of any of the dishes are. Or the price, ha ha.

Anyway the family made a trip to K-Club in Taman Melawati for a dinner & get together in Bintang Seafood Palace. Place is bright and cheery (pretty much all Chinese places are though), and quite tastefully decorated too.

We start off with Shark Fin soup. After the awesome shark fin I've tasted in Hong Kong, the shark fin in this bowl tastes suspiciously jelly-like. Wouldn't be surprised if it was fake shark fin.

Next on the menu is Peking Duck. I find it rather mediocre - the skin isn't crispy enough.

Steamed Emerald Fish - quite unique in that it comes steamed in a huge claypot, and not on a aluminium/metal serving plate. I have no idea what an Emerald Fish is. Overall this dish was quite nice.

Tofu. Close to, but not quite mah-boh-style. OK-lah

Some sort of vegetable. Yes I don't know what vege this is. Was also just OK.

Deep fried spring chicken. Again, decently done but nothing particularly special or creative.

The last dish can probably be classified as a "leftover." These are noodles and a soup made out of the duck meat from the Peking Duck dish. "Nothing special" seems to be a recurring theme thus far.

So overall, a decidedly average outing. Sorry, no price range available because I forgot to ask for the bill. If you live around the area this might be a decent place to go, but there are tons of better places to fill your stomach at.

Bintang Seafood Palace
K-Club (formerly known as Century Club)
Jalan Melawati 3, Taman Melawati,
53100 Kuala Lumpur

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