Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Singapore Road Trip - Random Food Musings

Took a family trip down to Singapore last week - main purpose was really just Universal Studios and shopping, but Singapore also has lots of food that you can't get up North. Going to be picture spam!

Our first stop was Ion Orchard, where we came across 4 Fingers Bonchon Crispy Chicken - with a sign outside proudly proclaiming themselves as the best Chicken in Singapore. SGD9.95 for 6 wings, fries and a drink - we chose mixed flavors. Decently good, but not spectacular.

Gindako's Takoyaki was awesome, however. SGD 5.20 for 6 delicious balls of goodness.

We then try the Special Black Pig Katsudon (SGD 17.90) at Ginza Bairin. Wonderfully delicious. I must admit I don't know what a black pig is, and the pork cutlet wasn't particularly different, but the batter and the sauce it came in was heavenly.

Next day, we find ourselves in the Food Republic in VivoCity just before heading off to USS. You Char Guai and tau cheong sui is a uniquely Singaporean concept that I don't ... really ... appreciate much :)

Another weird combination: Spaghetti with Chicken Chop.

Beef Noodle - Dry! Delicious.

Food in Universal Studios was understandably forgettable, but we did find a superbly delicious Sleeping Beauty Cupcake (SGD 3.80). Loved the decoration - loved the taste even more.

Back to VivoCity for dinner - this is Tempura Shishamo (SGD 5.80 for 4). Great combination, all Japanese outlets should serve this.

Later at night we go to yumcha at the Coffee Connoisseur over at Clarke Quay.

There's a one-for-one pasta offer, so we go for Seafood Aglio Olio (SGD 18.80) and Penne Mama Mia. Both pastas were surprisingly good!

We also have Nachos (SGD 8.50). For drinks, mum has a Calming Spirit (Chamomile Tea blend, SGD 8.30).

Other drinks on order: Mint-Choc Frappe (SGD 7.90), Chocolate of Wealth (SGD 7.90), Caramello Twist (SGD 7.40), Hazelnutella Milkshake (SGD 7.90) and Oreo Mocha Frappe (SGD 7.90).

Was overall a supremely satisfying trip, especially for the stomach. Need to tighten belt for a bit until the wallet stops complaining though :)

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