Monday, June 21, 2010

Jojo Little Kitchen "ban mien" - Seri Kembangan

Wisma Cheong Hin in Seri Kembangan (next to South City Plaza) houses a number of surprisingly good eateries. One of my favorites is Jojo Little Kitchen.

This cafe/coffee-shop specializes in ban mien. The interior is clean and bright, and I like the old kopitiam-style decoration.

From front to back, these are the Chrysanthemum Tea with Samsou (a ginseng-like root), Lo Hon Guo, and Chrysanthemum Tea with Wintermelon (more yummy than it sounds).

The char yuk ban mien (deep fried pork ban mien) ...

... and Jojo's specialty pork ban mien. Love this cos of the flavourful pork broth - the brown bits you see floating around in the soup are chee you char (fried pork oil ... lol).

Unfortunately I forgot to take down the prices, or keep the receipt, so I don't know the exact price, other than that it was very very reasonable (drinks MYR2 or MYR3, noodles MYR5-MYR6 a bowl). And because it seems to be hip to post google maps, here's a map of where Wisma Cheong Hin is.

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  1. yea yea... my favorite Jojo's specialty pork ban mien, 8 out of 10 trips there always dry or soup...