Sunday, May 9, 2010

Prime at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

A warning to all vegetarians: This blogpost is not for you. For those of you who eat your steaks well-done: This blogpost is also not for you. But otherwise, read on!

Took the darling to Prime at Le Meridien KL (in KL Sentral) last night:

The dining area is nicely dimly lit & classy, and I like how the kitchen is in full view.

Once we're seated we're presented with two half-loaves of bread: white and walnut, and three types of butter: regular, chili and garlic. The bread was fragrant and fresh, and the darling and I just love the garlic butter.

Orders are made, and I start off with Pacific Clam Chowder (MYR40). The chowder was great and was full of clammy taste, although personally I prefer my chowders a bit more creamy/thick.

The darling starts off her journey with Lobster Bisque (MYR45). This is Prime's house specialty soup. The soup itself is great tasting with chunks of lobster meat, but I didn't especially care much about the "golden crust" (as per Prime's menu) as it didn't taste all that special.

Having finished all the bread (mistake on our part) and the soup (generous portions) we're already half-full, so note-to-self is to order smaller main courses next visit :). In any case the darling has Simply Lamb (MYR125) which is:

1. French cut lamb cutlet with rosemary flavored tomato fondue.
2. Charcoal grilled lamb noisette on wilted spinach.
3. Skewer of lamb loin with garlic cream and roasted baby potato.

The cutlet and noisette are grilled to perfection, and without an overpowering "lamb taste." Skewer of Lamb Loin was quite a bit less enticing, but that could be because we got to it last and were stuffed by then.

I go for Simply Beef (MYR270) - a trio of 4oz (110g) steaks, ordered Medium Rare (if you have your steak any more cooked than Medium, you're doing it wrong):

1. Australian Black Angus gourmet pasture fed beef ribeye with Chimichurri sauce, sea salt and green asparagus tips.
2. Australian Black Angus 200 days grain fed center cut filet mignon with Grain mustard sauce, grilled tomato and porcini salad.
3. Wagyu sirloin with Béarnaise sauce and roasted baby potato.

Three steaks, three different cuts of meat, three different cows reared three different ways makes for a superbly incomparable meaty steak journey. My least favorite (which is a bit like saying which would be my least favorite car in a Ferrari showroom) is the filet mignon. The meat is very tender and tasty, but also a fair bit too lean for my tastes. The other two steaks are a tie - the wagyu sirloin is by far the tastiest steak, but I also love the more fatty rib-eye cut. Wagyu rib-eye for the next trip? Haha.

Despite being stuffed we finish off the evening with a Rich hot chocolate cake, chocolate sauce and stracciatella ice cream ($30). Hot chocolate cake with generous chocolate sauce melts in the mouth and is complemented nicely by the cold ice cream.

Prime came highly recommended as a steakhouse and grill and it didn't disappoint. Price isn't too bad either (courtesy of 50% discount from my Starwood Privilege card). Already eye'ing the 340g 200 days grain-fed Australian Black Angus Rib-eye (MYR160) for my next visit. And maybe cut off the soup and dessert in consideration for my wallet ^_^

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  1. lovely place to go~ great food + romantic environment...
    a good place "surprising pop a news"...

    seriously serious...!!! i will wanna have Wagyu rib-eye for the next trip... dear, can i can i... XD