Saturday, October 2, 2010

Photo Spam: Mauritius Diary (Post #1, Day 2)

Photo Spam time! Just some random shots about my working trip to Mauritius! It's only my second day here so I haven't actually gone to any touristy-type places, but anyway we start off with a fountain. In the Dubai airport. And you thought KLIA was cool :)

There's another big manmade pond/garden there too:

So anyway I'm staying at a small residential township area named Quatre Bornes, in a rented apartment. Office is in Ebene City, about 10 minutes' drive away. The 'commercial' area of Quatre Bornes is quite quiet, if I'm honest.

Lots of cars, though.

And since this is supposed to be a food blog, here's some Kebab shop named Shabaan Snacks.

Chicken, Shredded cabbage, some kind of vegetable, and 3 sauces in a Baguette. Doesn't look like much but tasted great - 75Rs I think.

Random musing: I've seen Proton Waja's, Wira's and Perodua Kelisa's, all the way here in the African continent! Don't know whether to have the 'Malaysia Boleh' spirit, or to feel bad for the sorry sods who bought Protons over Hondas or Toyotas. Oh, random wall.

Saw lots of sugar cane fields on the road from the airport.

Distant mountains ...

Don't know what building this was, but it looked nice. Couldn't get a good angle cos the security guard chased me away after this shot :(

Same buildings.

Some important building. Houses one of the government ministries if I'm not mistaken.

Things here are expensive! Food is okay, but groceries and household goods are pricey. I bought a smallish tube of Johnson's & Johnson's facial wash/scrub for 270Rs T_T (usd1 = 29.9Rs, myr1 = 9.69Rs)

Day 2 thoughts: I thought the entire continent of Africa was supposed to be dry, hot, and humid, but it's been pretty damn cold these 2 days. Like Genting Highlands cold, brrr. Read Wikipedia if you want actual facts about Mauritius.


  1. Oh la la! i love the "pain kebab" at Shabaan snack. One of the best if you ask me! One baguette is more than enough to fill a hungry stomach. The 3 sauces you mentioned are simply mayo, ketchup and chili. The 3 together make a pretty interesting combination! =p

  2. lol... one of the building is the Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre and the other one is the MITD house (ex - IVTB house)


  3. The Red Building is the Indira Gandhi Centre for Indian Culture (IGCIC) and the other building found some 300 metres from there is the Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD), formerly known asd the Institute of Vocational and Training Board (IVTB). This building houses the headquarters of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources. As well as the Humman Resources and Development Council (HRDC).