Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photo Spam: Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi, Kenya

Photo Spam! We're in a restaurant in Nairobi named Carnivore. No prizes for guessing what the main focus of the restaurant is - it's meat, meat and more meat.

A few years ago Carnivore used to serve game meat such as Zebra and Giraffe, but the sale of these 'exotic' meats have since been banned by the Kenyan government. The meats that are on offer:

I liked:
Chicken Wings
Beef Sausages
Pork Sausages
Pork Ribs
Ostrich Meatballs

I didn't like:
Ox Heart
Ox Testicles
Chicken Liver

Anyway we start off with bread and butter.

Spinach Quiche and Sweet Potato fritters

Salad and sauces

I think this was beef ... lol.

Ostrich Meatballs



Chicken (dry!), sausage and baked potato

Ox testicles :D

Here's the huge BBQ pit where all the meats are roasted!

Dinner isn't cheap - after non-alcoholic drinks it's about Sh3,000 - roughly rm120.00. It's also quite a way aways from the city, so if you don't have your own transport you'll need to price in a return taxi. Having said that if you do have a night to spare in Nairobi you really should make the trip - it's a great experience!

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