Thursday, October 21, 2010

Photo Spam: Mauritius Diary (Post #3, Day 20)

Third Photo Spam post in my Mauritius series! We start off with the West Coast of the island, at a beach named Flic en Flac. It's a Rs24, 45 minute bus journey from the township of Quatre Bornes.

What I like best about this beach is that it isn't commercialized yet. It's not like Phuket's beaches where every 5 minutes you're accosted by someone trying to get you to ride their jet skis.

The wind is also cool and refreshing. None of that 'sticky' and 'salty' feeling you get at tropical beaches. Click here for the bigger version of this pic.

I'm here on a Sunday and it's really quiet.

Managed to catch a glimpse of an Indian wedding.

Restaurants are nicely decorated - I decide to eat my lunch here.

This dish is called magic bowl (I kid you not). Nothing magic about it, it's just rice, egg, and some chicken.

Coming back to food from the city, I don't know what this is called, but it's dumplings in soup. Vegetable dumplings. If you can imagine taking siew mai wrappers, stuffing them with chinese cabbage, and then boiling them in soup ... that's what it tastes like.

Snack shop opposite the apartment I stay in.

Here's the chicken tandoori. It's wet and rather tasteless, nothing like the tandoori I'm used to and was expecting.

That's the last photo in this series - will post my Nairobi Safari pics next!


  1. it's nice there so peaceful..also try Maritim Hotel in's also nice there. I spent my vacation there.

  2. Hi ...the kebab is very good...

    but i like the food at BB Bistro pretty well than that we have here in Mauritius. Tom Yam Soup was succulent