Saturday, October 30, 2010

La Foya in Le Meridien Ile Maurice, Mauritius

If I was a marketing student I'd possibly be quite impressed by the Starwood group - of all the dozens (possibly hundreds) of hotels and resorts in Mauritius, I find myself in Le Meridien Ile Maurice - after all the great dinners I've had in Le Meridian KL, only seemed natural to come to Le Meridien all the way over here as well :)

Blogs & Pics of the resort proper will come in a future post, but for now here's a quick review of the restaurant we had dinner in last night - La Foya. It's a "ala-carte" restaurant, but every night there are only 3 choices of starter, main, and dessert.

Doesn't really show in this shot, but the beach is immediately at the right side of the frame, so you have your dinner practically on the beach.

One immediate criticism is that the restaurant is perhaps a tad bit too dark. I'm all for low lighting for ambience and mood, but when I can't comfortably make out what I'm eating, it's too dark. (For the photography-minded among you, exposure was 1 full second at f/2.8, iso1600).

Anyway we start off with a basket of assorted bread and butter. The bread is OK, nowhere near the kind of bread available at the restaurants in Le Meridien KL.

Tuna Sashimi, complementary "pre-starter." I know there's a fancy name for this "pre-starter" dish but I don't know what that name is ;P ... nothing really spectacular, if I'm honest.

My starter is the Classic Horiatiki Salad with Brined Feta Cheese and Lemon Confit (350 Rs). It's interesting, and something totally new to my palette. Tastes very Greek, what with the olives and all.

The darling has the Slow-cooked Calamari Salad accented with sweet chili peppers on orange salad (350 Rs). Calamari was nice and tender, although the 'orang salad' bit consisted of 2 peeled slices of orange on the side.

My choice of main course - the Herb-roasted chicken breast with roast garlic whipped potato (400 Rs). Nothing special about the whipped potato, which is miles below Prime's Truffle Mashed Potato, but the chicken breast was superb. Tender and juicy on the inside, with the perfect sauce accompaniment.

This is the darling's Pan-roasted fish fillet with roasted pepper & eggplant compote, lemon & pepper sauce with crisp capers (400 Rs). The fish is capitaine - which is apparently local to Africa/Mauritius. Flesh of the fish is tasty and fresh, if a little firm.

Dessert time! The Coffee Parfait with crispy almond biscuit & Amaretto sabayon (350 Rs) is a bit of a disappointment. It's basically a room-temperature coffee-flavored cream, with a forgettable biscuit.

The La Faya selection of ice cream & sorbets, passion fruit, strawberry, vanilla (300 Rs) is better. Passion fruit sorbet is refreshing, but takes a while to finish because it's pretty sour.

Overall, food was above average, and the service was impeccable. With the current exchange rate of 10.2 Rs = 1.00 RM putting the price of the dinner at about $105 per person, it's certainly not cheap. 90% of the people here (us included) are probably at the resort on a meals-included package, though, so the prices are probably merely a formality.

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