Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Photo Spam: Mauritius Diary (Post #2, Day 4)

Continuing my previous series for my Mauritius trip! Starting off with the Sunday market in Quatre Bornes. Not unlike Petaling Street, but 90% of the things sold here are clothes and food.

Speaking of food, I go for 'special briyani' from one of the dozens of stalls selling ... briyani.

It's a huge mound of savory rice (not as 'strong-tasting' as indian briyani), with a big potato and chicken drumstick buried somewhere inside. Delicious, and at 80Rs or so, not too pricey either.

Can't say the same about the Curry Chicken with Rice I had at the Food Court at Ebene Way. Lots and lots of rice, but the curry wasn't spicy at all and tasted closer to tomato sauce chicken than curry.

Not sure how accurate it is, but this pizza chain advertises itself as Mauritius' best pizza.

I try the Cheesy Double Salami. The pizza itself is pretty good, but pricey as heck. 179Rs for a personal pizza (19cm diameter).

Finishing off the post with something cultural. Colleague in the office's son just took his first Holy Communion - and these 'gifts packs' were passed out to everyone in the office (and I assume everyone at the church, too). Commemorative gifts! I don't even remember when I took my first communion.

Won't have any more updates til next week; weekdays are pretty much work only, with the weekends for exploring. Also I'll be in Kenya the whole of next week. Still undecided if I should lug along my camera ... hmmm.


  1. yes you should bring our precious baby along with you to take more photos for everyone to see!!!

  2. I'm from Mauritius and let me tell you that there's way better pizzas than Debonnairs on the island ;)
    Debonnairs, pizza hut and the fast-food pizzas don't taste as delish as the traditional Italian pizzas cooked in wood fired oven. I can give you some good addresses if you want =)

  3. Don camillo pizza in Grand Baie and pizza at casela bird park taste great....