Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Albion - KL's #1 restaurant happens to be British. God save the Queen!

"#1 restaurant in Kay-El? Really?" was what I thought when reading TripAdvisor's ranking pages. #1. Out of 769 (at time of writing) restaurants. With that kind of rating, how can I possibly not pay a visit?

So fast forward a few days, and the darling and I are in front of Albion on Jalan Berangan (it's the road 'behind' the Changkat Bukit Bintang road where all the fancy restaurants are). Decorations are elegant and yet simple - definitely giving off a more casual rather than fine dining vibe.

Fresh warm bread served in a rattan basket. That red stuff is a dried tomato with chopped anchovy spread. I'd never seen such a thing before so I thought it was just something very British. But then again my brother (who's been in the UK for like a decade) didn't know what it was either when I sent him a pic :)

Side note about the menu is that it's all text and no pictures, so we make a rather big mistake ordering ... this.

I forget what it's called exactly (oddly enough it's not on the menu on Albion's website), but it was something like jellied foie gras with duck breast. I'm normally a big lover of pâté's and the like but this was too funky for our tastes.

Moving on to the main courses then, where the darling has the Ballotine of Chicken (MYR29.00) - which is described on the menu as Boned Corn-fed Chicken Leg, Pork & Bacon Stuffing, Baby Pok Choi. It's pretty good, if a bit jelak-inducing at the end due to too much meat.

As for me I have the Slow Roast Belly Pork (MYR33.00) Potato & Leek Bake, Caramelized Apples. Again, a delicious dish. The meat was tender and fragrant, and the apples & potatoes made a nice sweet & starchy accompaniment. My only criticism was that the skin was bordering on 'tough' rather than 'crispy.' Chinese siew yuk crispy skin still better :P

So, was the food good? Yes. Was it good enough to be the #1 restaurant in KL? In my humble opinion, most definitely not - but hey, don't take my word for it, head down there and try it for yourself! Food's relatively cheap too!

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  1. It's also the best in its category for TimeOut KL food award! ;-)