Friday, March 25, 2011

Sushi Tei Revisit @ Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya

**Surprise** **Surprise**

Sushi Tei is now doing charity to assist the immediate relief efforts and support for the Japanese people...

Today 25 March 2011, yes special only this Friday... Half of their Total Sales from all their outlets will be donated!

What are you waiting for? I'll be updating in this same post below this email image sent by my dear from Kenya! Heading there for early brunch... Definitely will be eating Toro to make dear jealous as a while ago he was craving for it~!!

Doing this as I LOVE Sushi, & Happy that Sushi Tei is thoughtful enough as a Japanese Cuisine restaurant to help out the Japanese victims.

I'll be playing my part in helping them to pool more funds. How about you? ^_^

Back from lunch~~~~~~~

Today I believe they were expecting a HUGE crowd to come. Dozens of new waiter and waitress without experience and probably sushi chefs too. Had some simple problem situations:
(a) to order Dai Dai Roll
Me: "are the Mango sweet today?"
Waiter A: "er....... ah? sweet. yes. sweet." answer given after asking 3-4 times.

(b) before ordering Toro Sushi
Me: "is the Toro cut nice today?"
Waiter A: "yaya." (but with blur look) called another waitress.
Waitress B: "it's imported all Toro cut is all same."
Me: "oh really? coz i ate 3 times 1 time the cut is horrible."
Waitress B: "nono, Miss. It's all the same."

This makes me feel that the quality of the service has dropped way too much since the first time me & dear first visited Sushi Tei here.

As usual for a Japanese Cuisine it goes pretty well with Green Tea Hot and Cold are served. MYR 2.00

Dai Dai Roll. MYR 13.80
with the crab meat, sweet mango, Purple Lettuce rolled up in the middle of sushi rice, then covered with salmon sashimi, Along with the combination of 2 different dressings and Ebiko makes it a very refreshing feel.

Salmon Ikura Oyako Don
(L) Size MYR 19.80
(S) Size MYR 12.80
Tons of sushi rice with the bowl top cover with salmon and salmon roe. The served salmon given was like only 2mm-3mm thin! along with 1 or 2 teaspoons serving of Salmon Roe. Would really rather go for individual sushi instead of this. Comparing this to MYR 4.80 for 2 large generous slice of salmon (5mm-6mm thick) on top of the salmon sushi.

Chuka Iidako MYR 6.80
Baby Octopus seasoned with sesame. It was okay only. Ordered because my little bro is crazy about this.

Unagi Avocado Handroll MYR 6.80
A full piece of seaweed, with sushi rice, served with a little unagi sauce at a corner of with Eel with Avocado in the middle. It only comes with a 1cm wide slice of Unagi in it. Pretty unimpressive but, the avocado made it sweeter and blends in well.

Unagi Sushi. MYR 6.80
It's a generous Portion served today compare to my last few visit. Yummy!

Toro Sushi. MYR 18.80
This extremely satisfying melt in the mouth best slice of fish ever. Dear & my favorite however, it is pricey. How it should actually looks like that you can taste that feeling, it's in the left side, today with the in-experience staff & chef i got the right slice where it had not enough fat~!!! rating for it dropped by half...

The bill came up to MYR 79.40 which i believe, MYR 39.70 will be donated. :)

Feeling good in heart for doing a indirect charity and also full happy stomach of healthy meal.

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