Friday, March 4, 2011

High Society High Tea - T Forty Two cafe (by Ms Read Boutique), Empire Shopping Gallery

High Society. The group that the socialites and the upper class belong to, and the lifestyles of which the rest of us can only imagine. Well, perhaps the closest experience us plebs can get is to head on down to the Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang, where boutique Ms Read has opened a cafe of sorts named T Forty Two.

As you can see, everything is immaculately decorated. There's crystal everywhere, designer chairs, and the tables have a mirror surface!

Although there's a selection of pasta's and sandwiches on the menu, it's clear that they cater more for snacks, cakes and tea (or coffee, if that floats your boat). There's a delectable selection of different cakes and pastries on display on the serving tables:

Enough about the decoration, though. The darling and I decide to share the High Tea for Two, which costs MYR49.90++ and is only available from 3pm-6pm (if memory serves correctly). While waiting for the food to be prepared we're served with some honey'ed almonds, which were pretty delicious!

The High Tea set comes with two choices of coffee or tea. There are quite a number of exotic blends, but me being in a not-so-adventurous mood, decide on cappucino. It comes in a designer cup-and-saucer, and even the sugar is served in a delectable little pewter container. Although the coffee was delicious, one huge complaint is that because the cup is very thin, it doesn't hold much heat and so my cappucino was cold less than halfway through the high-tea.

The darling's Orange Tangerine Tea doesn't have that problem, though, because the tea is kept warm by a proper teapot.

As for the food for the High-Tea, we're served with a 'sampler' of finger sandwiches (salmon and egg salad), hot scones with cream and jam, two sweet mini cakes to which I've forgotten the name, mango macarons, chocolate balls and a choice of cake - for us, we chose the chocolate cake.

So if you're ever in a pretentious mood and hankering for sipping some tea from some fine china with your pinky upturned, head on over to T Forty Two in the Empire Shopping Gallery and sample their High-Tea. And please, no more taxes :(


  1. judging from your picture, I believe the name of the cake which name you forgot is madeleine... and they have macaroons too! yum~~~

  2. @su-san haha yeah, madeleine is correct! All I remembered was that it was m-something XD ... thanks thanks :D