Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sandwiches Exploration ::: Triple-Decker Sandwich

Sandwich are made & eaten all over the world~!!! There are plenty of ways and types of sandwiches... This will be the triple-decker..........................................................enough for a full meal. Good to surprise your love ones with a packed lunch-box ~~~~

~*~*~Top Picture~*~*~

4 slices of White Breads
2 slices of Wholemeal Breads
2 slices of Kraft Cheese
100g Ham
Eggs-Mayo3-4 Hard Boiled Eggs
2-3 teaspoons of Mayonnaise
Diced Tomatoes
Pepper to taste
-----Mix them till even-----

Sandwich making steps:::
1. Spread Butter on the Bread.
2. Take 2 scoops of Egg Mayo Fillings & even out all over the bread.
3. Before putting another bread on the top spread one side with butter & cover the sandwich.
4. On top of it put a slice of cheese then stand with 3-4 layers of Ham!
5. Spread the last slice of bread with Mayonnaise & place it on to have a prefect triple-decker.
Note::: for packed lunch-box do slice always the side & munch on them... :) To fit in to my Japanese lunch-box i cut them perfectly to fit in nicely... In the lunch box corners put some lecttuce so your love ones can have some greens for their meal.

~*~*~Bottom Picture~*~*~

4 slices of White Breads
100g Salami
2 slices of Kraft Cheese
Scramble Eggs3 Eggs
3 tablespoons of Fresh Milk
4 pinch of Salt
-----Beat Well-----
-----Pour in Pre-heat pan at medium heat-----
-----Stir mixture around every 5 seconds-----
-----Stop when mixture clumps up-----
-----Remove to cool to be use for sandwich filling...----

Sandwich making steps:::
1. Spread Butter on one side of all the three breads.
2. Fold half salami and place 4-6 slices of them and cover all so every bite you take when the sandwich is done.
3. Lettuce comes on top of the salami & Place bread on top with the mayo side down.

Take the scramble eggs that are chunked up and place it all over.
On top it off by put a slice of cheese & place the mayo bread on to have a prefect triple-decker.

Woots!!! stacking & stacking as high as you can but triple-decker is just enough for me & dear. The above is actually packed lunch for dear on his busy week at work back then.

When he is free to come home for lunch i did extra steps as below to make another version of the triple-decker... ^_^

To make the bread a little crispy & warm, by pre-heating the oven at 180°C and turned off before you place your sandwich on the serving dish inside the oven for about 5mins.

Perfect to actually melt the CHEESE that is placed in the sandwich.

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