Saturday, March 19, 2011

Travel Series: Dubai International Airport

So I'm starting a new mini-series! Gonna be somewhat similar to the Mauritius and Kenya posts I've had up a few months ago. And what better place to start than at an airport - to be exact, the Dubai International Airport - which is possibly the busiest transit airport in the world. I mean, I know a lot of people who transit in Dubai on their way to Europe, or to the States, or to the Africa region, but none who actually get out of the airport (other than the handful of you who actually work there).

Anyway this is my 5th transit in the last few months - and since I only had about an hour's layover this time (i.e. not enough time to find a place to sit, get comfy and sleep), I thought I'd walk around and see if it was possible to snap interesting photos ... at an airport!

I thought these were decent shots - but you be the judge! And oh, since this is still supposed to be primarily a foodie blog, I did stop for some tea (or supper, depending which time zone you measure by) at Paul pâtisserie.

They've got a delightful selection of pastries, bread and assorted cake.

I have no idea if this Paul is related to that apparently très awesome French pastry maker of the same name, or if it's just some remarkably similar looking knock-off.

In any case, my regular cappucino was average in every way. The anglaise apple, while tasting decently good, was as cold as your windows on a rainy morning. Yuck. And before you point out that I could have asked them to heat it, I'll point out that for AED 32 (RM27) for a slice of pie and a miserable coffee, there shouldn't have been any need to ask in the first place.

Boo Paul, boo. I sure hope you aren't the real Pareesian Paul.


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