Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mountain o' Ribs at o'Galito Restaurant

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"Portugese, Seafood and Sushi." Sort of an odd combination, isn't it? Almost every other restaurant I can think of serves generally only one 'type' of cuisine. You wouldn't go to a chinese restaurant expecting a medium-rare steak, for instance. In any case these are the three main 'cuisine' that o'Galita Restaurant specializes in, so I try and see whether too much variety means too many compromises!

One thing about Johannesburg is that the weather is lovely for sitting outdoors. Even at lunchtime it's only about 20degrees! Nice and sunny and yet cool at the same time = awesome. Not too cold to have a cold coke, too! (16 Rand)

The (complimentary) bun sets sky-high expectations - it's delicious! The crust is light and crispy without being tough, and the insides are tasty, and fluffy! Awesome bun, I was almost going to ask the waiter to cancel the rest of my order and just bring me another half dozen of the buns.

Onwards to the food, though! I decide to skip the traditional starter, and instead have an appetizer of sushi! One pair of salmon sushi (R42) and one pair of 'twins' sushi (R42). The sushi rice is just decent, and the salmon is a bit ... tough. The 'twins' sushi is quite interesting, though. It's sushi rice topped with tobiko (flying fish roe) and wrapped in tuna and salmon, and tastes pretty good! the tobiko provides a nice crunchy texture to the sushi.

For my main course, something catches my eye on the menu - the 1kg Portugese style Ribs (R165). It comes as literally a small mountain of heaped glorious pork ribs, with some veg and chips on the side. The taste is absolutely heavenly, and the waiters also bring along some peri-peri sauce for you to up the heat if you so wish. On the downside, though, I do think the meat was a tad bit on the dry side and perhaps slightly overcooked a little. Still tender enough to eat with your fingers, though! Didn't have to touch my knife the entire time.

Overall, for R265 (or about RM100), it isn't cheap, but food's pretty good! Sadly the mountain of ribs overwhelmed my stomach capacity so I couldn't try any of the desserts on the menu.

o'Galito is in the Benmore Gardens Mall, in the heart Johannesburg's Sandton suburb.

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