Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Is this Product good? ::: Secret to make KFC Chicken Nuggets!

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Mine & dear’s love KFC Chicken Nuggets and sometimes go gaga over them & just order 20s + 6s for our dinner instead of going for their Dinner Plate or Snack Plate. You know how expensive it is, right?

I remember the last time I had KFC Chicken nuggets, when dear’s sister brought back a Kid’s Meal – Chicken Nuggets… It tasted “yucks” changed… Since then I have not eat KFC Chicken Nuggets.

Now I found the recipe, that we both do agree it tasted pretty like the KFC Chicken Nuggets!

*Chicken Breast Nuggets

What you Need… only 3 things…
1. 350g Chicken Breast
2. 500ml Cooking Oil
3. And the secret is this! NAGO’s Hot & Spicy Kentucky Tepung Perasa Serbaguna

There are plenty on the rack which I do not remember when I’m small and shopping with mommy, I only remember there is only ONE brand… so let me try them one by one… for now we are trying this!

*Chicken Breast Nuggets

Cooking Time~
Step 1: Slice the Chicken Breast 8mm thick. (I don’t really care about the weird shape! XD )
Step 2: Pour the NAGO’s Hot & Spicy Kentucky Flour in a bowl.
Step 3: Place the Sliced Chicken Breast in the bowl and make sure they’re dusted all over and then give it a little shake to let the loose flour drop off and place it on a fresh plate.
Step 4: Heat Cooking Oil till chopstick have bubbles then it’s at the right heat.
Step 5: One by One place the Chicken in. Do not crowd the pot. Do not put it too close to each other so it won’t stick. Put in for 2mins & take it out placing it on a kitchen towel to drain. Place it nicely batch by batch, part by part.
Step 6: Do it till all are cooked. – WAIT WAIT…IT’S NOT DONE YET….
Step 7: Replace batch 1 back into the cooking oil for another 1min. This will create a crispy think layer on the Chicken Nuggets!
Step 8: When all is done is done! Let it rest for 5mins before serving..with or without Tomato and Chilli Sauce.

*Chicken Breast Nuggets

Prefect for Party and Perfect for any occasions ~ Why buy instant nuggets when these are more healthy!

The slight spiciness is perfect for me but sorry for all of you chilli lovers & expects your nuggets to be spicy base on the box advertisement...

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