Friday, September 9, 2011

Japanese Cuisine Exploration ::: Unagi Don うなぎドン

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*Unagi Rice Don

Hahaha… this I will cheat a little! Unagi is not cooked by me… :P
Head down to Cold Storage or Jusco or anywhere that sells Cooked Unagi (advance from the counter that fresh ones can last for 2-3days)

Here is how to handle & cook prefect Japanese Rice!
1.5 cups of Japanese Rice
½ Fine Salt
¼ Fine Sugar
Filter Water
Nicely designed Japanese Cucumbers (mine is my own version of “Sakura” flower) XD

Step 1: Lightly stir & wash Japanese Rice with sift under tap water for 1-2mins.
Step 2: Soak the rice in filtered water for 30mins.
Step 3: Remove water. Add filter water in to about 5mm height of your finger tip. Put in Rice Cooker and turn on the cook button.
Step 4: 5mins down the cooking lane. Open the lid and sprinkle the Salt & Sugar. This is my lazy way of dissolving them without taking a pan out & put it over a fire.
Step 5: Immediately after Step 4, place the Unagi in a Plate & pour the proved sauce over it. Place it on top of the Rice Cooker to warm it up. This is a very good way to save electricity and also save time.
Step 6: When the Rice Cooker pops, dish out the rice immediately as we do not want them to stick too much to the bottom of the pot.
Step 7: Mix well. Do the chop chop method (laughs, hahahhaha) to loosen up the rice. Add some Sushi Vinegar to your liking, I did not put any for my unagi don.
Step 8: Scoop & fill the rice in bowls or Bentos. Place the unagi on top, drizzle it with the sauce. Put the cute little designed Japanese Cucumber Flowers at the side & serve while HOT~

love it…eating it the cheap way~

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