Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Side Dish Exploration ::: Korean Sweet Anchovies with Cucumber

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My favorite Korean side dish that I always ask for refill… there are few more… wait for me to explore & I’ll definitely share with all of you… for now is SWEET ANCHOVIES with CUCUMBERS

*Korean Appetizer - Sweet Ikan Bilis with Cucumber

Ingredients needed:::
1 tablespoon of Cooking Oil (Halal style) / 1 teaspoon of Lard (Non-Halal style)
Hand Full of Baby Anchovies
Half Hand Full of diced Japanese Cucumber
1 teaspoon of Fine Sugar


Turn up the heat to Medium to warm up the pan and add in the Cooking Oil/Lard.
Throw in the Baby Anchovies to cook till lightly golden then add in the diced Japanese Cucumber & Fine Sugar. Stir till all sugar melt which will be just in time when the Baby Anchovies are golden and the cucumber as slightly cooked, I love my cucumber crispy!

Dish out to serve~ Enjoy… <3

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