Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goose Fat Exploration ::: Sauté Thinly Sliced Potatos & Baby Carrots in Goose Fat

We finally found Goose Fat. Yea, it's that tough to find it. We manage to find this at Park Way Parade Cold Storage, Singapore!

Goose Fat has higher temperature than other fats and is naturally liquid at room temperature. Cooking with Goose Fat will produce perfect roast potatoes, roast vegetables and make great fried bread. It also brings a dish to another level of flavour when butter is replaced or cooking oil is replaced.

Come with us on our cookery journey of exploring goose fats recipes. This is our very 1st recipe.

Goose Fat

There are instructions and advice behind the bottle information about Goose Fat and a extremely popular recipe to make bake goose fat potatoes which we can't currently till we get our oven.

Goose Fat

As a side dish for dear lovely home cooked steakhouse steak. Even Chiaki & Natsuko agrees the steaks are delicious too!

Saute Sliced Potatos & Baby Carrots with Goose Fat

2 teaspoon of Goose Fats
2 small Potatoes Sliced Thinly
1 hand full of Baby Carrot
Salt & Pepper to taste

Heat up a non stick pan and add Goose Fats. Put in Sliced Potatoes and Baby Carrot. Let it sauté till a little golden brown on both sides. Salt & Pepper to taste. Then it's ready to be served.

It took us 10mins to sauté these till it's lovely sides browns.

Saute Sliced Potatos & Baby Carrots with Goose Fat

Enjoy this recipe!

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  1. i saw a bottle of the goose fat recently at Ben's and was wondering whether to buy it or not. Afterall it says "fat". But with this post, I have every reason to buy it to make some good sides vegies for my steak days:D

    1. Yea... don't be bluff by the word "FAT" Grab the goose fat when you find it... sadly, not everywhere sells them :(
      It actually works the same way as cooking oil..
      I do explore pork fats, onion oils, etc.. It all brings the dishes to another level..

  2. ooo, now i'm craving some goose fat steak, just to figure out how much they taste different from regular steaks :D

  3. Hmmm you might have given me an idea lol ... I normally home grill-pan my steaks with clarified butter ... what if I tried goose fat?!? Not sure if the smoke point is the same but I'll try it sometime!

  4. may i know how much u paid for that? thks!

    it's good stuffs. even pork lards is goods stuffs too. unfortunately many seems to prefer "healthier" but highly refined & processed vege oil :(