Friday, January 6, 2012

Seafood and Springbok Carpaccio at o'Galito

Back in Johannesburg for another short 2-week stay! Previous visit to o'Galito: 25 Sept 2011. We start off with the same delightful bread roll - soft, fluffy, crispy. Too bad they don't sell these buns or I'd have ordered some to take home for tomorrow's breakfast.

Since I've never eaten this animal before I just had to try the Springbok Carpaccio (54 rand). Set on a bed of salad with nuts and a light balsamic vinegar-based dressing, overall it was quite nice! The Springbok meat was sweet and tender, not unlike a cross between beef and venison.

If you're wondering what a Springbok is, it's one of South Africa's symbols (sort of a 'national animal,' if you will). Oh, and it's quite cute looking, too!

The Fish and Prawn combo (135 rand) comes with 6 prawns and 200gm of line fish. What is line fish? It's not an actual fish, but the local South African term for "fish of the day."

The seafood comes with a choice of three sauces - lemon cream, garlic, and peri peri. It's good that you can season your seafood with your sauce of choice, but I prefer my food cooked in the sauces to get more flavor infusion. Anyways the flesh of the prawns was a tad bit mushy (seemed quite fresh though as I could peel the shell off easily), and the fish was good without being fishy.

At 205 rand ($32) including a bottle of coke, the food's actually pretty good value for money, I think. Sandton is an office area so you're unlikely to come here if you're on vacation; if you do find yourself in the neighbourhood then o'Galito is a solid choice for lunch or dinner. Non-halal.


  1. Hi Timing, Happy New Year to you and family!

    Oh, you are in South Africa. Enjoy!

  2. Happy New Year Pete! On working holiday here for 2 weeks :) Will be back in time for CNY!

  3. springbok! i had never heard of the animal before, but it does look quite majestic! almost like a mythical deer. i wonder if it's very widely eaten in south africa. just realized that we eat venison in malaysia, but we don't eat 'sang kancil,' heheh :D