Thursday, October 31, 2013

Egg Mayonnaise Sandwiches

3 hard-boiled Eggs
Water to boil Eggs
3 teaspoons of Mayonnaise
White Pepper to taste
Paprika to taste (Optional)
Italian Hers to taste (Optional)
2 slices of Bread
2 sliced Cheese (Optional)
2 tablespoons of diced Yellow Onions (Optional)
4 tablespoons of diced Tomatoes (Optional) - My mom use to put this when she makes egg sandwiches for us

Step 1 Place the egg in a pot, fill it with water just enough to cover.
Step 2 Put it over the stove, bring it to a boil and let it continue to boil for about 7 minutes.
Step 3 Scoop out the Egg and place it in cool water to soak for 10 minutes to drop the temperature.
Step 4 Peel the eggs & place it in a plate and mash them up.
Step 5 Add in the Mayonnaise and mix until evenly combine.
Step 6 Dash of pepper to taste and mix until evenly combine.
Step 7 Optional, place the cheese on the bread, scoop and spread the Egg Mayonnaise evenly.

It's ready to serve!

Simple filling to make a sandwich for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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