Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Brunch with a French Twist at La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose is French singer Édith Piaf's most iconic song - which made an appearance in that wonderful Pixar robot love animated film WALL-E. It also happens to be the name of a French restaurant on a bungalow up on a little 'hill' along Jalan Raja Chulan in KL. On weekends it serves up a brunch menu with a French twist that you probably won't be able to find anywhere else in the city!

French Brunch at La Vie en Rose

All brunch orders come with this bread basket loaded with croissants, bread and danish pastries, all very accomplished breads - for example the croissants were crispy and buttery enough to eat on their own! The fig and berry preserves, home made yoghurt and butter were very good, too.

French Brunch at La Vie en Rose

The Smokey brunch set (RM65) consists of Scrambled eggs with smoked Petuna trout, mushroom and duck bacon bruschetta, and duck confit shepherd's pie. Eggs were delicious and properly scrambled, and we thought the bruschetta was just divine. Shepherd's pie could have perhaps done with a little more time in the oven as it was a little too watery for our tastes.

French Brunch at La Vie en Rose

Eggy costs RM60 and comes with a brioche of egg benedict, truffle scrambled eggs and grilled sausage. We really enjoyed the scrambled eggs here too; with just the right amount of chopped up truffle goodness without making it too pungent.

French Brunch at La Vie en Rose

After polishing off all the food we're stuffed but still have some room to share a Cold Strawberry Soup with Vanilla Ice Cream (replacing basil sorbet which the kitchen didn't have) and almond crisp (RM20). It's cold, sweet, sour and refreshing all at the same time - although if you're not a fan of Strawberries' natural tartness then you'd probably be better off with a different choice.

French Brunch at La Vie en Rose

Overall the meal lands squarely in the "on the high side" pricing territory; for which it gets a little difficult to say if it is 'worth the money.' What we can say is that we thoroughly enjoyed the food, ambience and service, and that the food is at least as good as any of the other top brunch places in the city.

La Vie en Rose is at 39 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur. Brunch reservations probably not necessary as the dining room was only about half full when we went. No pork.

Tel: 03-2078 3883
Email: info@cuisine-studio.net


  1. I passed by the place while driving the other day and wondered how would it be inside. Seems like an "ouch" to my wallet but great photos!

    1. Yeah, it certainly isn't a place to go all the time, but for that particular weekend when you wanna chill with some better food than the 'typical' bacon eggs sausages brunch, food here is good!

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