Saturday, December 7, 2013

Japanese Crabstick and Corn Salad Recipe

6 Crab Stick
2 Japanese Cucumber
4 tablespoons whole Kernel Corn
2 tablespoon of Tobiko or Ebiko
Japanese Mayonnaise

Step 1 Steam Crab Sticks and shred it into strips.
Step 2 Steam and cool whole Kernel Corn.
Step 3 Remove seeds of Japanese Cucumber, shred and soak it into cold water for 2 mins.
Step 4 Drain Japanese Cucumber and Corn.
Step 5 Place ingredients in individual serving bowl. First Japanese Cucumber. Second Crabsticks, Third Corn then top it with Tobiko/Ebiko.
Step 6 Drizzle Japanese Mayonnaise and serve.

This is a very good Japanese Meal Side dish.

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