Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ribs & Burgers at Billy Bombers - American-Diner style restaurant/cafe.

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Billy Bombers! (With random Singaporean girl in the background :P) The darling and I wanted to go somewhere else nearby for eats, but we sort of forgot that in Singapore, during dinnertime, even marginally crappy places have queues. So we shouldn't have been surprised that the joint we wanted to eat at had a "45minute to 1hour wait time." Ah well! Billy Bombers looked like a pretty interesting alternative, so in we went!

The interior design and theme of the restaurant tries to take inspiration from the typical American Diner - what with their red seats and all. Nice, bright, colorful and loud :) I go for the set dinner, which comes with a soup, lemonade (pictured below) and a set of Smoky Baby Back (pork) ribs for SGD25.90. The darling - being a huge Big Bang Theory fan - spots a Green Grasshopper (SGD5.50) on the mocktails section on the menu and orders! ... only to be disappointed that it doesn't turn out anything like what we were expecting.

Enter the Soup of the Day (cream of vegetables)! You'd think that after all Billy Bombers being a Diner, and this being the soup of the day, means that it can't be anything great. And you'd be absolutely right.

The ribs were actually pretty good! They come with a baked potato with sour cream (mediocre) and a mango salad (nice and refreshing). The ribs themselves were tender and came off the bone easily, with a nice BBQ sauce with a hint of smokiness - nice stuff! Unfortunately the portion was also remarkably small. 4 ribs are not enough to qualify for a full meal.

The darling feeds her inner carnivore with a burger, done medium. We don't remember the full name but it was something-something Whisky Burger (lol, best food bloggers ever), and it cost SGD17.90. The portion is big and nice and filling, but sadly we can't say that we're particularly impressed. For some reason the patty just tasted ... bland.

So in conclusion, an American Diner-style restaurant at Cathay Orchard, with decent prices. Shame that the food, at least from the two dishes we tried, were either delicious but too small, or generously portioned but mediocre.

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