Friday, July 22, 2011

Noodles Exploration ::: Similar to Cafe Style Ham & Egg Instant Noodle Set!! *Slurps*

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Instant Noodles Cafe Style

This is something dear and his sisters love to order whenever they go to HK Cafe, Old Town White Coffee, etc etc... when ever there is instant noodles on the menu...

Here I did this for our dinner one day & we love it! :)

1 pack of Maggie Brand Chicken Flavor
1 bowl of Water
2 Slice of Ham
1 Fried Egg
Baby Bak Choy
Pan Fried White Sesame
Chopped Spring Onion

How I cooked this! Probably you have your own style it will all turn out the same.

Multi-tasking me... I boiled Water, Fry Ham, Wash Baby Bak Choy & Spring Onion then chop Spring Onion. After Ham is cooked Fry Egg, when water boil put the Chicken Seasoning in then put Baby Bak Choy to blench! Take out and put in bowl. Place the noodles in to cook~

When Noodles are cook scoop them up in the bowl, arrange your eggs, Baby Bak Choy, Ham nicely on top. Pour soup over sprinkle some White Sesame and Spring Onion.

DONE~!!! Serve when HOT...

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