Saturday, July 23, 2011

Appetizer Exploration ::: Deep-Fried Dumplings / 水餃 / Shuigao

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Another great Appetizer or snack whenever wherever.. ^^

Deep Fried Shuigao

For the filling you can choose to use either fillings in our previous recipe posts.

Chicken Filled Dumplings
Pork Filled Dumplings

Remember that for deep fried you would love to actually put lesser fillings then the Soup Dumplings.
1.5 teaspoons for Soup Dumplings : 3/4 teaspoon for Deep Fried.

Heat Cooking Oil till ready: it bubbles when you place the chopstick in...
Place in the dumplings and turn it when the side down is golden. Both sides golden, you may take out and place it on the kitchen towel to drain the leftover oil. Let it rest for 5mins. And serve with Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce!

Let my introduce you to my favorite Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce... Head out to find it... it's can be a dip for all types of deep fried dishes. Here is how the bottle looks like.

Original Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce


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  1. one of my favorite homemade snacks when i was a kid! (i even helped my grandmother to roll up the meat into the dumplings. good memories) :D