Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Appetizer Exploration ::: Chicken Filled Dumplings / 水餃 / Shuigao

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Been exploring a lot on Porkie dishes... So, today i'm heading back to no pork business this round... Since I've made the Porkie Filled Dumplings version a while back...

Have you eaten Chicken Filled Dumplings? Make some yourself, can be kept in freezer to consume later!
Chicken Filled Dumplings - 5

Chicken Filled Dumplings - 3
300g Minced Chicken Breast
100g diced Fresh Prawns
3 hipping tablespoon of Carrot finely grated
4 finely diced Shallots
5 finely diced Fresh Water Chestnut
1 tablespoon chopped Spring Onion

2 tablespoon Light Soy Sauce
1 tablespoon Sesame Oil
1 teaspoon Fish Sauce
1 teaspoon Cornflour
Dash of White Pepper


1. Put Minced Chicken Breast, Diced Prawns, Shallots, Water Chestnut, Carrot, & Spring Onion in a big bowl, and mix till even out.

Chicken Filled Dumplings - 4

2. Add all the seasonings, then mix them properly using two teaspoons.

3. Shift all the mixed bowl of minced chicken mix, bring along a container with the base covered with kitchen towel and dusted with cornflour. Also, the Wan Tan Skin! To a comfortable place for your wrapping process to start.

For Pictures Steps of Wrapping visit here!

4. Take a piece of Wan Tan Skin, curve your hand in a "C" shape and place 1 1/4 teaspoons of minced pork mix in the center of the "C" Curve.

5. When done, use your index finger or thumb to rub some egg whites on the full edge.

6. Seal from the Center Top then one side to another. Try to avoid any air bubbles trapped inside.

7. Place it in the container prepared.

8. Remember if you wanna make more for another day, pack them up separately in the air tight bag (*Wan Tan Skin will dry up) or container and store them in the freezer. Reason is the Wan Tan Skin will actually be moist and if left in the open. Since I am preparing fresh for the steamboat dinner, I left it in the fridge.

9. Boil chicken stock soup or any types, it all works. When it's boiled place the Chicken Filled Dumplings and wait for it to float (*means it's done)!

10. Dish it out to serve HOT!

This round I cooked my soup with chicken stock, carrots, prawns, & chicken meat.
Chicken Filled Dumplings - 5

Not forgetting... I served it with this "Shredded Chicken Wan Ton Mee" coming up soon...
Chicken Wan Ton Mee

We both authors apologize for the long break due to our relocation & not fast enough connectivity to the internet... Been extremely busy shifting, cleaning, shopping, redecorating...

Here's a fresh new kitchen of ours!

Cutie Salt, Pepper, Soy Sauce bottles
Chicken Filled Dumplings - 2

Our starter kit... will a lot have more coming...
Chicken Filled Dumplings - 1

Sauces to match are:::
Sauce Exploration I::: Dry Shrimp Chili Oil
Sauce Exploration II::: Ginger Vinegar Sauce

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  1. looks like a labor-intensive recipe! a lot of hard work to go into those little goodies :D

  2. Sean @: hardwork done within 1hour.... total of 24dumplings! can make more... but only 2 of us so........ need to control the amount i'm making...