Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stuff yourselves silly from $20/pax at Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant.

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If you've ever eaten at a Japanese Buffet place (Tao, Jogoya, Tenji, etc), then Kiseki Japanese Buffet will hold no surprises. From SGD19.80++ (lunch) to SGD29.80++ (dinner), you get to eat as much sushi, sashimi and other cooked (and raw) Japanese dishes as you can stomach. The spread is almost all Japanese fare, and according to their literature, has two hundred different dishes.

Starting with the Sashimi, there's a slight disappointment in the varieties of fish available - there's tuna, salmon, and just two other fish types (that we didn't recognize). Strangely we found the salmon rather tasteless, and so we didn't bother with seconds.

The raw seafood corner is decent, with clams, scallops, prawns, lobster and crab legs laid out nicely on a bed of ice. No oysters, though.

Rosti doesn't seem like a particularly Japanese dish, but I'm not complaining. There's also some pizza, and some deep fried items like chicken wings and tofu on the table.

Crack open the lid of the steamer and help yourself to some steamed dim-sum style bites.

Strange decision by the management to make you carry your shabu shabu hot pot from the counter to your table. Carrying a heavy pot of boiling soup with kids scampering around just seems to me like an accident waiting to happen.

The tempura counter only has prawns - in two varieties: plain tempura batter and tempura batter with generous sprinklings of chili powder.

There's also a teppanyaki counter where you choose your portion of beef, chicken and scallop - hand it over to the chef and he'll cook it and send it to your table.

Finish off with some cakes, fruits and mochi for dessert.

Rating a buffet is tricky. You can't reasonably expect a (relatively) cheap buffet to have gourmet, fine-dining quality food, and the buffet price in Kiseki definitely qualifies for cheap. Nevertheless the darling and I both agreed that food ranged from average to slightly below average - nothing we had stood out as being particularly noteworthy or delicious.

So, if you're hungry as a horse and have a yearning for some Jap fare, then Kiseki could be the answer. Otherwise though it's hard to recommend as it's in a mall smack in the middle of Orchard road - there are lots of better places at similar prices just a few minutes walk away.

Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant
#B1-01, The Heeren Mall
Orchard Road