Friday, March 14, 2014

Irresistible Mango Sago Pomelo Dessert Recipe

Notice that nearly all the recipe online requires Sugar. We tasted & do not find there is a need to put any sugar! Is there a secret behind this?

No!! It's just the usage of really good & ripe mangoes, this would already leave this dessert sweet enough. Also, if you notice our recipe has very minimal water so the natural sweetness is not watered down. However, if you have a sweet tooth replacing the Water with Syrup will fix it.

Hope you will like our recipe. :)

600g peeled and sliced Mango
Follow by either options below:
- Option A: 200ml of Pineapple Juice + 50ml Water + 80ml Evaporated Milk
- Option B: 250ml of Mango Juice + 80ml Evaporated Milk
- Option C: 330ml of Mango Low Fat Yogurt Drink
Small Diced Mango Cubes

Put the Mango & Option you choose in to a blender and blend well. Let it chill in the fridge. Pour in to invididual bowls top with Pomelo, Small Diced Mango Cubes and Sago. Done! It's so simple.

Lesson Learnt:
- Do not use Juicer as good mangoes have extremely fine and less fibre so blending does not affect the texture.
- No need to worry about sifting the plup up, just use good mangoes. We love Australia Mango, Thai Honey Mango these 2 are the best choice.
- FYI. We love Option C more which give more flavor and balance. Option A is more Citrus feel dessert. Option B is more neutral and light dessert

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