Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baking Exploration ::: Pineapple Flower Tarts

Happy Rabbit Chinese New Year to everyone...

Since, I'm pretty free this new year period...I made tons of these deliciously Pineapple Flower Tarts for my family & friends!!! Here to share with you all the recipe, as "sharing is caring". Would love
you all to make these to satisfy your craving and have fun in the kitchen.

Ingredients Needed
3 cups of Plain All-Purpose Flour
4 teaspoons Castor Sugar
Salt Option:
1/4 teaspoon Salt ~*~*if you using salted butter*~*~
1/2 teaspoon Salt ~*~*if you using unsalted butter*~*~
285g Butter (unsalted or salted depends on your liking)
3 Egg Yolks
2 teaspoon Vanilla Essences
3 tablespoons Cold Water
Pineapple Jam (from any Baking Supply Shop)
Flower Mold
Baking Paper

Before starting my baking session I love to setup my process line.. along with my laptop to keep me entertain since i'm baking alone... ^.^

1. As preparation to quicken your process later, Roll out the Pineapple Jams into small balls.
2. Next, sift 2 cups of Flour into mixing bowl, then add in Sugar and Salt, mix it gentlely with a whisk.
3. Put in Butter and use a fork to press till you have an even mixture.
4. Add Yolks, Vanilla Essences, Cold Water and continue pressing with a fork.
5. Depending on the taxture of the dough needed which should not stick to your mixing bowl and fingers, add in more flour and lightly mix it with your finger tips.
6. Take small parts of dough and roll to a thickness of 4mm.
7. Using the Flower Mold, press out and place it on the baking tray with Baking Paper, line them up with about 1cm apart from each other.
8. Upon finishing, it’s time to place the Mini Pineapple Balls on to the beautiful flower dough. Remember to flatten the bottom part and press a little to make sure it won’t fall off.
9. Pre-heat oven to around 180°C for 5mins.
10. Place the tray in to bake, the duration depends on the oven you use at home. For mine, is 8mins sharp to have the prefect slightly golden look that i want...
11. Once remove from oven, let it rest in the tray for 10mins, then transfer them to a wire rack to further cool for another 30mins.
12. Arrange them into Jars for yourself or containers as gifts for your friends and family.
13. Repeat 6 to 12.

Some Secrets to share, Butter makes the difference so use your family favorite butter. Packaging makes your pineapple tarts looks like you buy from a special bakery which actually my aunties didn’t actually think i baked them.... Here is the picture of gift packs for my family & friends out there who are lucky this year... ^.^

I'll be trying different forms of Pineapple Tarts for my next attempt and also try out to explore on making Home-made Pineapple Jam.

If your lover, family, or friends are seriously addicted to Pineapple Tarts you all should try this out....

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  1. where did you get the beautiful flower moulds?

    1. Bought them from my hometown wholesale supplier of bakeries and confectionery shop.

      Where are you located?

  2. Hi there , Im in perth right now . And I wish I can go back to my hometown for cny . But i cant . So just wondering whether do you bake and sell this year ? Hope to hear from you soon . Thanks .

    1. Hi Hazel, I'm not sure if it can be posted to Perth. Can't bake and sell for this year. Busy with our wedding plannings. Next year maybe. ^_^
      If you have a small oven & you're able to find the ingredients we really encourage you to try baking them.
      Happy Chinese New Year to you!

  3. Hi Joyce,i am Arshana. m wondering how did you stack the pineapple tarts in the container without it sticking to one another and without wax paper in between. I am also wondering how many tarts did you fit into that container. been wondering what size of containers i need for 50 tarts.