Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yet another Kopitiam chain - Hainan Tea Kopitiam, Bandar Puteri Puchong

I've wondered for a while now whether the kopitiam movement is just a fad, or whether it's here to stay. I mean, I've been drinking teh 'c' and eating roti bakar with kaya and butter for ages, but it's only been (relatively) recently that the whole 'upscaling' thing came on the scene with shops like Old Town, Pappa Rich, Hailam Kopitiam, and others.

One of the newer franchises that I've come across is called Hainan Tea Kopitiam. Apparently there are already a few branches in the KL area - the darling and I are sampling the one in Bandar Puteri Puchong.

First impressions are actually quite favorable, thanks to the menu that offers quite a few variety of dishes that other kopitiams don't. Normally you just have to have either coffee, tea, or cham, but that day no mood lah. The darling has a Flower Tea (MYR5.90) - it's nice and refreshing, tastes sort of like a tasty, flowery Chinese Tea. I order Carrot Milk (MYR4.90) which was *THE* worst Carrot Juice I've ever tasted. Tastes like just the juice of a single local (i.e. not sweet) carrot, topped up with tons of milk and water. I want to give it more than two thumbs down but I only have two hands :(

I mentioned earlier that this kopitiam franchise has some interesting variety on the menu - here's one of them: Hainan Cheong Fun Special (MYR5.50). It looks a bit disgusting, but it was decently good. Had a mixture of sweet sauce and some other brownish/yellow'ish sauce - couldn't quite make out what it was, but it had a hint of peanut butter.

I try another interesting-looking dish: the Hainan Twister with Tuna ($3.50), can also order with brown bread instead of white. Unfortunately its' taste isn't as unique as its' looks. Tastes exactly what it looks like - tuna on toasted bread.

The Hainan Brown Toast 3 Layer (MYR3.80) is another dish that is decidedly mediocre. The layers in this case are butter and peanut butter - nice combination but just the same as any other kopitiam.

Overall, I didn't find anything special that would justify purposely choosing Hainan Tea over any of the other kopitiams for a spot of yumcha and toast. If anything I'd be inclined to avoid it, on the strength (or rather, weakness) of that terrible, terrible carrot juice. I mean come on guys - 5 bucks buys an entire kilo of carrots at the market, can't you put more than one miserable carrot into your juice?

Hainan Tea is in Bandar Puteri Puchong - the 'side' of town that has the Giant supermarket.

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