Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ole Ole Bali @ Sunway Pyramid, Selangor

A while back, I went to Ole Ole Bali with a few of my friends. Ole Ole Bali has the same management as Bumbu Bali which makes it a sister restaurant, their menu & taste is similar which is pretty impressive!
The environment is decorated beautifully inside out, makes you feel at home while eating in a restaurant, even when the signboards are hidden you also can actually know which restaurant is Ole Ole Bali. Inside the store there are actually Bali merchandizes that you can purchase.
While deciding on what to eat, we ordered 2 jugs of their House Favorite Cooling Drink, Barley Lime to share. (MYR18) It is actually thick where one can taste the barley taste with a slight twist of lime juice, that we shared among 4 persons.
One of their famous dish on the menu is Nasi Campur (RM33), it’s a combination of Balinese Grilled Lemongrass Prawns, Squid, Fish, choice of Beef or Chicken Rendang and Sate Lilit. Mei Kee & Rebecca both went for Chicken. The most special is Sate Lilit which is basically a barbecued mix seafood paste wrapped around a lemongrass, it was soft & with nice texture. rge Prawns and Fish was lightly seasoned to let the natural flavor stand out.
In my mind, since I’m a small eater, I decided & place opinion that ordering Siap Bumbu would be a smaller portion then the Nasi Campur above. To my disbelieve it comes with half a Balinese Roast Chicken with Lemongrass Marinate! Indeed, I did not finish my portion & bad to take away half of the chicken home for my lunch the next day. Sin Yee ate this too, which John & Calvin had to help her out! The chicken was nicely seasoned adding alone the lemongrass gravy! Leaving it just marvelous. (MYR27)
Lam had the Kambing Bumbu, stir- fried Lamb Cutlet with Chili and Spices. The lamb was tender and juicy without being over spicy! Love it. (RM28)
Campur Siap Bumbu, Kambing Bumbu & Siap Bumbu Nasi are served with Nasi Kuning, Sambel Matah, Sambel Terasi, Rompeyek (Anchovy Crackers), Lawar Kacang, Kangkong & other condiments with the exception of the Balinese Starters. Without any disappointment above are the Bumbu Bali specialties! It's a must try for everyone if you're there.

John on the other hand had Fried Chicken Sandwich, the Deep Fried marinated Boneless Chicken with Spices and Topped with Apple Sesame Coleslaw. (RM26) Unable to describe how this taste like actually i was told that it was also nice.
No worries if you are a vegetarian following your friends here there are a few dishes that have no meat served in it. Since my friend, Tey is a vegetarian he had Grilled Vegetable Pasta with Homemade Tomato Sauces. Unable to describe how this taste like actually i was actually stunted that he said is "Okay. Not bad."

Looking for Balinese style which is tasty and nice, do find your way to Bumbu Bali or Ole Ole Bali.
Small note, portions are kind of Huge so if you're not a BIG eater you may just order a bowl of rice for two to share.
This is at::
OB-1C, Ground Floor Main entrance,
Old Wing of Sunway Pyramid,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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