Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Indian Rojak / Pasembor & Cendol @ SS15, Subang Jaya

After bring my little bro Joshua to enroll in Monash Sunway, while bring him on a small tour around Subang. Remembering about the Indian Rojak & Cendol, that I enjoyed during my study time in Metropolitan College.

Last time it was just two separated trucks, stopped randomly beside road nearby Shell Station. Now it is now located opposite the road nearby KFC, the government have give them a nice place to setup their store. At peak hours like weekend or evening, the line can be so long that you have to wait around 30mins for your turn. This round i went at 2.30pm and the queue had about 6 people. The reasons of the wait is not because of the slow service but the amount of their customers are ordering. No complain as the two Indian owner men's of the stall actions are extremely fast.
The prices varies from the choice you make!
Cuttlefish/Sotong & Egg/Telur RM4.00
Cuttlefish/Sotong RM3.70
Egg/Telur RM3.50
Plain / Kosong RM3.20

As usual, I prefer having Sotong Telur. This indian rojak is also called Pasembor which is not used at this store. The sauce is ultimately blending well with the Sotong Telur fried dough fritters, beancurds, along with generous serving of shaved cucumbers & turnips.
As usualBasically it made sense to drench your throat in a sweet concoction laced with gula melaka, santan and green worms pulut
As usual, i believe Rojak + Cendol is a great match! The shop next door Cendol make it such a convenient treat. Basically it drench the throat with a sweet concoction laced with gula melaka, santan and "green worms". Do inform them when you order that you would not like to have pulut in your Cendol.
If you're around SS15 & wondering what to eat. Do drop by to try this out.

Located @ SS 15/3B, Subang Jaya.
on the opposite side of the road from the Shell Station,
nearby the in front of KFC and fruit stall.


  1. u should try rojak ghani a.k.a rojak celup located in klang (at emporium in front of the store). u should try it.

    IMHO i prefer rojak ghani than rojak ss15.

    1. Really..?!?! I was thinking this is the best rojak ever. Thanks for your suggestion will definately pop by one day to try that out..