Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eat Seafood, Shop Seafood, at the same place - Nikudo Seafood, SS2.

Nikudo seafood! I kind of happened across this place by chance - on my way home from KL from Penang after CNY balik kampung, hunting SS2 for food. We were going to go to the SS2 medan selera, but then on noticing this "new" place, decided to give it a try! Strangely, I've got no recollection of what the previous shop was :)

Anyways Nikudo, despite having a rather Japanese sounding name, has nothing to do with the land of the rising sun. It's kind of a 'combo' shop - they also sell frozen seafood (one of the waitresses said from Sabah, among other places), things like 七星斑, scallops, fish, etc. No clue as to which is the 'main' business though.

Anyway skip the freezers, because we're here tonight for the food! The place is bright and cheery. It also kind of has a Japanese feel to the deco.

Cuisine is simple and unpretentious. They've generally got two 'branches' (for lack of a better word) on the menu. Firstly, the grill - there's stuff like grilled squid, prawns, fish, all things seafood. We only go for the otak otak. It tasted pretty good, no comparison to the Johor ones of course.

The second branch on the menu is basically assorted seafood noodles and porridge. I have the teochew-style seafood porridge with sweet potatoes. It comes with a few fishballs and pieces of soft sweet potato. I think the fishballs were pretty nice and fresh - they're not the 'springy' variety though, they're more of the 'meaty' type.

I don't exactly know what this is, ha ha :( ... I know it was some kind of noodle, probably seafood (or fish) noodles. The broth wasn't particularly special, although the fish and the fishballs were fresh.

Mum had the seafood tom yam. I found the prawn rather ... OK. It was decently fresh, but in a shop that also makes a business of selling seafood, shouldn't it be super ultra fresh? Tom yam was tasty and nice and sour, if a bit lacking in the "oooomph" and spiciness department.

Nikudo Seafood is opposite the entrance to the SS2 food court - it's the same row as KTZ, and that DVD shop that everyone goes to buy their 'evaluation' discs from. Prices range from rm10-rm20 per dish, so it's not cheap - but you do get your seafood direct from an importer/distributor so in theory it should be fresher than most other makan places.

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