Friday, February 11, 2011

CNY Set Dinner - Eden @ Hutton Lane, Penang

Happy (Chinese) New Year everybody! Haven't blogged in ages, but that changes today! Family went to one of our old-time favorite joints in Penang - Eden @ Hutton Lane for dinner. Eden opened its' doors way back in 1964. It's been renovated and refurbished fairly recently, I think, because the interior only really feels a couple of years old.

I decide to go for some variety this time, rather than stick to the standard ox-tail soup and rib-eye steak that I normally always go for, and go for the Chinese New Year set dinner. This starts off with a mini caesar salad ...

... followed by shark fin soup with crab meat. The chefs added seared garlic bits to the soup for a garlic'y touch. The fin, like most other non-premium-priced soups, was fake/jelly though.

For mains, there are a few choices. My middle sister goes for the roast chicken and fish combination, which comes with spaghetti and some veges. Nothing special, to be honest. The chicken is well cooked with decent tasting gravy, but fish in breadcrumbs went out of style years ago, beer batter is where it's at now.

I chose the assorted seafood platter which was a bit of a mistake. The spaghetti sauce is very weirdly seasoned. Kind of tasted like if you mixed a bottle of brown gravy and tomato ketchup. Prawns and Mussels were just average, and the fish fillet was also just acceptable.

The set meal also comes with coffee/tea and ice cream with lychees.

The rest of the family were lucky and decided to go alacarte. Although I don't eat escargots, I'm told they were delicious, if a tad bit strong on the garlic. May be a good or bad thing for you depending on your aversion towards vampires.

Mum has the sizzling steak medium rare. Steak came drenched in gravy which, although being pretty good-tasting, isn't the way I particularly like my meat :)

So, the meal for me was decidedly mediocre. Which is a shame, though, because the last time I visited Eden (which was a while ago), I remember the ox-tail soup and the rib-eye steak were still pretty delicious for the price. If you come here to eat, definitely skip the set meals and order off the menu instead!


  1. Now i know who to look for tips on my next trip to penang :)

  2. lol I'm not a Penang food expert or anything man. All I know are the places that my dad knows (and he also hasn't lived in Penang for like 20 years).