Friday, April 15, 2011

Annie 1's Menglembu Wanton Mee @ Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya

Damansara Uptown has been pretty famous with nice food. Seeing a friend post on facebook picture of Menglembu Wanton Mee, it makes me crave for Wanton Mee. Never really went to Ipoh to try it out yet. Googled "Menglembu Wanton Mee" & found this place Annie 1 at Damansara Uptown, pretty near SS2 my house. Dropped by to satisfy my craving, and also kind of bully dear, by sending him a picture of it thru Whatapps, as he was still in Kenya back then.

This is the Annie 1's signboard, So look for a red signboard when you're around that area.

Annie 1

When me & my little bro arrived at about 1.45pm it was FULL HOUSE!!! Here is prove~
The whole Kopitiam is decorated simple and they have a 32" TV hanging near the counter showing Astro Food Channel...haha~

Annie 1

We started off with Five (5) pieces of fried dumpling (sui gao), MYR6.00. Similar to other fried dumplings, it was hot & crispy, but, they actually added slightly different ingredient that made taste a little like cornflakes. hehe! I know it's weird but me & my little bro tasted the same way~

Annie 1 - Fried Wan Tan

The attraction & signature is their Menglembu Wanton Mee, also since it was a hot day, so we ended up not trying the soup Wanton Mee. We both ordered their Dry Wanton Mee w Char Siew & Wanton. The Wanton Mee was firm and springy, the black sauce is flavored just nice with a little saltness + sweetness. Not forgetting their Char Siew is Half Fatty Half Lean Char Siew (半肥瘦) which is heavenly! Definitely one of the best Wanton Mee I have ever eaten. Not forgetting the Wantons given was meaty with similar filling as the fired dumplings too! As some Wantan Mee stalls serves stingy fillings in their wanton.
This is the normal serving MYR5.50

Annie 1 - Wan Tan Mee

My little bro was a hungry boy, so he went for add 1 whole noodle. So, this huge serving cost RM6.70.

Annie 1 - Wan Tan Mee

For drinks, we actually settle for their Fresh Orange Juice because it was catchy in the menu!!! 2 types?!?!?! What is the difference? Let's tell you about it...

Annie 1

Finding it extremely surprising I have not find any restaurants or coffee shop serving blended Orange Juice. Don't worried as the orange is finely blended so you won't taste any chucks that you need to chew on.

Annie 1 - Orange Juice

Fresh Orange Single, MYR2.60
Being single that means smaller!!! heehee~ on the right. Extreme orangey taste~ A little too much sugar.

Fresh Orange Double - (no ice & sugar added), MYR4.00
On the left side is the Double. Seriously no ice, no sugar, i believe only a small amount of water is added only. Just like the orange juice that i blend for myself at home from time to time. ^^
Not to worry, as it is served cold.

There are a lot of other dishes served there. Here are some pictures of their Menu!

Annie 1
Annie 1
Annie 1

Our bill can up to MYR24.80. For those Ipoh-ian, head down & tell me the verdict if I had tasted the real Menglembu Wanton Mee or I still need to go down to Ipoh to try the real one, which actually I hope I can go for a makan-makan day trip...

20, Jalan SS21/58
Damansara Utama (Damasara Uptown)
47400, Selangor, Malaysia
~~it's located opposite UOB. hard to notice actually here is the map~~

Mon-Fri 7.30AM - 9.00PM
Sat-Sun 8.30AM - 3.30PM


  1. oo, the orange juice actually is very cheap! unlike most places that slaughter you on exorbitant drinks prices.

  2. Pretty reasonable prices! And you stay in SS2? Haha PJ people hi hi!

  3. you too staying in PJ? ^^ *high five*

    you're wackybecky aren't you? hehe~ I'm joyce the secondary writer in this blog... =P

    wish we will be in the finalist for iMas Travel competition... >.< *cross fingers*

    When you tell the owner, he merely said, the waiter did not enter the order and offered no apology

  5. Great Article :)
    Thank you for the recipe
    I will try to cook