Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Treat your Mum to a Rod Stewart* serenade on Mother's Day at Atrium Cafe!

Sing along now!

"Baby I'll try to love again but I know ...
The First Cut is the Deepest ... Baby I know!
The First Cut is the Deepest ..."

Been wondering how to pamper your mum this coming Mother's Day? What better way than to give her an awesome serenade by the World's Greatest Rod Stewart Tribute Artist, Rob Caudill, all the way from Las Vegas! He'll be featured 'live' at the Atrium Cafe in Pyramid Tower Hotel during the upcoming Mother's Day Hi-Tea Buffet showcase.

It's not just music to the ears though, it'll also be music to the tummy (both mum's tummy and yours), because the Hi-Tea Buffet at the Atrium is awesome. Whether you're a carnivore or herbivore you're sure to find something delicious among the dozens of dishes available on offer.

Start off by tossing your own caesar salad at the salad bar, then help yourself to the appetizers. Do pay extra attention to the smoked salmon which is particularly delicious - unlike many other places that overload on the salt.

Once that's done, go for the gado gado for a little taste of Indonesia.

Hot appetizers on offer too!

Many higher-end buffets have à la minute-style cooking counters, where chefs will whip up mini dishes for you upon order - and Atrium is no exception. There's a Chicken Kebab station ...

... a roast meats/carving station - the prime rib on offer was nice, if a tad bit overcooked and dry for my tastes (I prefer my meats a strict medium rare) ...

... a pasta counter where you can mix-and-match your choice of pasta with your sauce preference ...

... a bubur (porridge) counter ...

... a freshly made roti jala counter - where I must mention that the chicken curry they've whipped up to go with the roti jala was exceptional ...

... and finally, a HK Wantan Noodle counter. Forget those crappy places that hand you a bowl of noodles and expect you to blanch them yourself - here in Atrium the chef will cook up your choice of noodles to perfection!

Of course there are also the standard buffet-style dishes - btw that guy in the black is Jason from mynjayz.com :)

Special mention goes to the Salted Egg Fish, which was a lot better than most other seafood/dai chou Chinese restaurants that I've eaten at. Definitely make a bee line for this dish, you won't be disappointed.

There are also potatoes and vegetables for mum, or any other members of the family's daily quota of greens:

And if dad is in a mood for an Indian taste, there's Lamb Briyani and Chicken Tikka:

Otherwise, the rest of the dishes are all pretty good! My personal favorites (other than the Salted Egg Fish) were the Grilled Lamb Cutlet with Rosemary and Mint sauce, the Pan-Fried Salmon Fillet with Citrus Butter Sauce, and the Roast Duck with Plum Sauce.

Don't overeat, though, because you absolutely must make room for the desserts, which are delightful for buffet standards.

There's a self-service ais kacang bar with an ice shaving machine ...

... but I really do recommend skipping that and making a beeline straight for the desserts proper, starting with the delicious bread-and-butter pudding (one of the house specialties).

The rest of the desserts are no pushovers either, though. Many buffet places make an afterthought of the dessert (thus causing it to be a disappointment), but Atrium's selection of sweets, cakes and pastries are good.

I particularly enjoyed the chocolate cake which was moist and chocolat-ey and not at all dry. Or you could go for the sweet strawberries and cream/chocolate sauce if you're counting calories (though the better choice would be to splurge and then hit the gym later).

So the food's good, the ambience is nice, and mum gets to sing along with the World's Greatest Rod Stewart tribute artist. Is there possibly any better way to celebrate and show your love and affection for her? I think not!

The buffet hi-tea runs from 12pm-4pm on weekends and is normally MYR55++, however the Mother's Day showcase with Rob Caudill (who will be singing at 1.30pm and 2.30pm) costs MYR98++ per adult, half price for children. That's still cheaper than 'high-end' buffets such as Le Meridien's Latest Recipe, and to be honest the food's comparable - both in quality and variety.

Hats off to Atrium for providing a great buffet with lots of food choices and charging a very reasonable amount of money for it - thanks also to Virgillia and thenomadGourmand for the invite!

Atrium Café, Pyramid Tower Hotel
Call 03 7495 1888 for reservations!

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  3. Rob looks really alike to rod! Walked past atrium cafe many times on way to pyramid but didn't notice they've got live cooking stations.

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