Saturday, April 23, 2011

Steam Exploration ::: Steamed Cod Fish Restaurant Style/清蒸

Weekend is here!!! Cooking up a self cook good meal would be so cool... Here is a very simple dish that requires less washing and frying then my previous post Pan Fry Exploration::: Fry Fish with Soya Sauce and Shallots.

I believe everyone LOVE Cod Fish, they're smooth, mildly flavor, low fat, dense, and flaky white flesh. Also, Cod Fish have hidden vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) that are good for us!

Steam Cod Fish

Yea yea... they're expensive to order in restaurant & expensive in market too! Getting the fear of screwing up this expensive fish makes you freak out and tell yourself to leave it to the Pros, even before deciding to buy them to cook at home (which is so much more cheaper)!

Now you can with this reassured recipe~~~

300g-400g sliced Cod Fish (similar to picture!)
2 tablespoons Light Soy Sauce
2 tablespoons Rice Wine
1/4 Sugar
Dash of white pepper powder
Ginger, garlic & chili strips for garnishing depending what is in your fridge! =P

1. Take out Cod Fish defrost to room temperature, then give it a light water bath with flowing filter water.
2. Pat dry with kitchen towel, then place it on a metal plate.
3. Measure and mix all the Light Soy Sauce, Rice Wine, Sesame Oil, Sugar. Keep stirring until the sugar melt.
4. Pour the sauce mixture all over the fish, place the garnishes on top of the Cod Fish. Now is the time to dash the white pepper powder on.
5. Place the ready fish in a high heat steaming pot and steam for 12-15mins.
6. This dish is spot on when it's served when just out of the steamer.

So, remember to call your family to prepare the table seat around to chat while the fish is steaming!

Now you can enjoy your basic restaurant style cod fish steam at home!

Oh Oh... before I end here, I know that there are Mauritius readers following too! We had problem looking for Cod Fish in Mauritius back in our stay. However, we found Oil Fish. Below is the Mauritius version that i steam up! Slightly different garnishing only but sauce mixture used is the same. So head down & search for Oil Fish my dear Mauritius friendssss, don't be sad that you won't be able to try this dish out back there....

Steam Oil Fish

Steam Oil Fish

Newest photo

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  1. oh yeah, looks not only healthy but delicious too! nice addition of colours to brighten up the fish :D

  2. My children love this fish....have to cook 2 pcs all the time...LOL!

  3. Sean @: going with basic garnish b'coz of limited resources at home (unplanned dinner)... next time will try out something that actually can go with the fish itself.... ^^

    Pete @: they's so similar to Ti-Ming... He loves it so much too! Oh OHHH~~~ read your blog... Love the way it is... interesting!!! <3