Sunday, April 24, 2011

Toilet Humour at T-Bowl Concept Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid

So anyway we came across this little restaurant/cafe in Pyramid named T-Bowl. It's a "concept restaurant" that, obviously, is based around the experience of dining in a toilet. Pyramid is the third outlet - the other two are in Queensbay Mall (Penang) and in Sungai Wang. We're irresistibly drawn towards the cute white turd in the window and drop in for some drinks and desserts.

The toilet theme continues inside - the tables are a large sink with items you'd find in a toilet (toothbrushes, etc) layered with clear glass on the top, and the seats are ... well ... toilets. Probably custom-made lookalikes and not real toilet bowls though.

The Honey Lemon (MYR2.50) seems reasonably priced on the menu, but the urinal-shaped mug it comes in is very small. Thirsty drinkers would easily finish off the drink in 3-4 mouthfuls.

The Mocha Blended (MYR6.90) is of a more reasonable size. You can see a toothbrush in the sink below the glass :)

There aren't that many ice cream choices, we go for the Donut Delight (MYR5.90) that continues the 'things you'd find in a toilet' game with a serving shaped and coloured like a fresh turd.

The Dragon Fruit & Longan Snow Mountain (MYR8.50) was just OK.

So, the verdict? "Concept Restaurants" like this one straddle a fine line between presenting a genuine concept (providing a unique, different and interesting dining experience), and being nothing more than a gimmick to appeal to our natural curiosity to try something 'new.'

Based on the taste and quality of the drinks/desserts, T-Bowl sits firmly entrenched in the "gimmick" half. Nothing we tasted would qualify for even a 'mediocre' rating, so it's also a case of curiosity killed the cat. Perhaps one visit would be okay for the novelty factor, but definitely set your expectations as low as possible before stepping in.


  1. No matter how much I like chocolate- I don't think I can bring myself to eat the ice cream that looks like poop.

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