Monday, April 25, 2011

Deep-Fry Exploration ::: Fried Crispy Chicken Skin

Sometimes sinful food comes to mind.
Sometimes it gets worst when you can't really find it anywhere to satisfy your cravings.
Sometimes when you order it seems the price is so expensive.
Sometimes you just wonder if you can actually cook it yourself!

Here is my attempt to do something that is pretty popular in Japan & also Taiwan dishes... "Fried Crispy Chicken Skin" Between, I spot that Sushi Tei do have them once and a while, with limited servings. **sad**

Deep Fry Chicken Skin

1 cup of Chicken Skin
1 teaspoon of table Salt
1 teaspoon of Grounded White Pepper

1. Defrost the full cup of Chicken Skin, beware as it takes around 5-6hours.

2. Run them over tap water to give it all another rinse.

3. Pat dry with kitchen towel then lay them flat on an oven rack to dry them a little more for about 30mins.

4.Mixed Salt and Ground Pepper up before gently rubbing them on one side of the skin.

5.Heat oil to 325°-375° (Medium to Medium High). Put keep it throughout frying process. Don’t crowd your pan it will cause the heat level to drop significantly.

6.Deep Fried the seasoned chicken skin until it is golden brown.

7.Scoop them up with the deep frying strainer and place it on kitchen towel.

8.When cooled, keep it in the air tight container, it can be kept for a few days outside and probably longer when it is kept in the fridge!

You know what... I would suggest to add
2 tablespoons of Cornflour
and mix all in a zip seal bag before adding in the chicken strips and shake again!.
Also, slice them into about 2cm wide strips!

Will try this again with these 2 above suggestions... ^^

Wondering how i get so much Chicken Skins?!?!?!?! I actually have been peeling off, cleaning and washing all my chicken skins, then keep them stored them up in the freezer.

****Crunch Crunch Crunch!!!****

There are actually ways to use them in your dishes. I love mine porridge and stir-fry vegetables top with chicken skin strips.

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  1. Good idea to deep fry the chicken skin....I can ask the chicken vendor in the wet market to give me loads of chicken skins....LOL!

    My daugther would love this.

  2. Pete @: wow... clever one there! Did this back in Mauritius... can't really find the right market for me to go to with our short stay there!

    hope your daughter likes it... hehe~

  3. Nice to meet you :)
    our posts were up on the same day... although I was faster than you... lol!!! great post by the way! more pic compared to mine.. guess I still have to perfect my photography technique