Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jokes On / April Fools Exploration ::: McD mini Hamburger & Cinnamon Fries

April Fool happens only onces a year...where you can actually play a joke on anyone or everyone making them believe it & at the end they receive a surprise "April Fools'" no one can actually be angry with you!!! Here is something interesting about April Fools' Day all around the world.

On a April Fool eve mood, I planned out Dear's surprise as his arrival back in KL that falls nicely on April Fools' Day, "Mc Donald's" Hamburger set meal. Didn't really went well as it was too last minute & Dear was actually craving for maggie mee rather then mcD. :(

My prank wasn't as real & funny as Dear's sister Su-Ann, where she actually asked around the house "anyone wanna buy anything. i'm going to South City Plaza." then she and Su-San headed out with her mom's car. Suddenly out of the blue, she called her mom telling her she is an accident, the guy banged her when she was reversing. With that Dear was sent out to check out and resolve the problem. Shortly after Dear went out she called her mom again! Since i was there observing without knowing it was a joke. Aunty's face was extremely serious and agitated. After a while i receive a Whatapps msg that it's a April Fools' joke that Su-Ann is playing on Aunty! That's when i know it's a joke. S-Ann called about 2-3 times with her mom explaining to her that Big Bro is on his way to help. To have her revenge on her mom, she actually wants her to come out immediately that Uncle (her daddy) need to come in the scene to bring Aunty out to get her. Boo!!! "April Fools'...." Su-Lynn & I can actually hear them laughing all the way in. **extreme prefect way of fooling a person**

Continue on this exploration of mine...

Let's start with the Hamburger. This involves no cooking nor baking... It is just creativity & having tons of fun making these adorable mini burgers which not only can be made for April Fools, it can also be made to serve as dessert for Parties or BBQ Gatherings. I have left some extremely important best suggestions for greater taste & better outlook beside the ingredients.

Ingredients Needed:
2 tablespoons of Shred Coconut
1/2 teaspoon of Green food Coloring
1 small transparent plastic bag
1 teaspoon of Warm Jam Spread
1/2 teaspoon of Sesame Seeds
Red Frosting **self made / ready bought from supermarkets**
Yellow Frosting **self made / ready bought from supermarkets**

These two ingredients need to match in size:::
2 packets of Mini Chipsmore Cookie **Best is Butter Cookies/Vanilla Waffle Cookies**
Mc Vitie's Mini Short Cakes with Milk Chocolate **Best is Round Mint Chocolate**

Step 1: Preparation for "lettuces". Place the Shred Coconut in the plastic bag and add the Green Food Coloring little by little after shaking them till even out!

Step 2: Preparation of the top bread. Take a Mini Cookie and spread it with the warm jam prepared. Sprinkle Sesame Seeds on top immediately so that it can stick.

Step 3: Assembling the Hamburger! Take a upside down Mini Cookie put a little Red Frosting as Tomato Sauce and also Yellow Frosting as Cheese!

Step 4: Place the Chocolate Petty on top.

Step 5: Press more little Red Frosting as Tomato Sauce and also Yellow Frosting as Cheese! Then sprinkle with "Vegetables" the Green Coconut Shred.

Steop 6: This time 2-3 drips of Red & Yellow Frosting only before you cover them with the "top bread". You're DONE!!!

Next is the Cinnamon "Fries".

Ingredients Needed:
Vegetable Oil to deep fry 1 inch deep of your pan
White Bread
1/2 cup of Sugar
2 tablespoons of Cinnamon Powder

Step 1: Heat 1 inch of vegetable oil to 365 degrees F in deep skillet.

Step 2: Mix Sugar and Cinnamon Powder on a plate.

Step 3: Cut white bread into sticks and fry until golden, about 1 minute.

Step 4: Drain on paper towels or rack, then roll in the cinnamon-sugar while still hot. Note: Beware of over dosage of cinnamon-sugar..

Step 5: can be serve with warm strawberry jelly as ketchup.

Packaging is as truthful & important. I dropped by McD to have my lunch there. emptying the French Fries and Nugget box and fill them with Mini Hamburgers and Cinnamon Stick. Of course not to forget that McD drink makes a set & kept my drink fresh and un-drank. Arranged and packed nicely in a McD paper bag!

There you go... Professionally Real enough to Prank your family or friends or colleagues! hehe~

Have fun!

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  1. the 'burgers' and 'fries' look and sound tastier than the real thing. i love cinnamon-anything. i'd be the first in line if mcd's ever introduces cinnamon-infused french fries (yeah, i can keep dreaming, sigh...) :D

  2. Awesome..I REALLY want to try this! Oh and just 4 the heads up In step 6 you accidently put "Steop 6:" and when you said that you stopped by McDonald's to fake the packaging for the April Fool's meal you put "Of cause not to forget..." instead of saying "Of course not to forget..."

    Anyways thanks for the cool April Fool's meal!