Saturday, August 6, 2011

Awesome Buffet Spread at Atrium, Intercontinental Perth Burswood

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Oh wow it's been almost three weeks since we posted our last food review. Three weeks! That's probably something like a full year in blog age. Better late than never though! During our trip to Perth we visited the Burswood Entertainment Complex, which has a casino, stadium, theatre, and almost a dozen restaurants, including an awesome buffet place named Atrium!

Atrium is located in the InterContinental Perth Burswood Hotel. The seating area is wide, spacious and airy, and the restaurant has got a very modern, chic decor.

For the kaki botol's among you, there's a fully loaded bar to satisfy all your alcohol needs. Naturally these drinks aren't included in the buffet price, though.

Onwards to the most important stuff, though - the food! There's a selection of smoked salmon and cod and some pre-mixed salad/pasta-type dishes, and you can also mix up your own caesar salad with as much cheese, bacon bits, and anchovies as your heart desires.

If you're more of a seafood lover, I imagine you'd head directly over to the seafood bar and help yourself to as much shrimp/prawns, oysters, and crabs as you can stomach.

There are two separate hot dishes spreads. The first 'Western'-style area has some pretty good Beef Stroganoff, among other dishes. There's also a pasta station (that we didn't try), and some roasted meats - pork, chicken and roast beef.

The 'Asian'-style spread mixes a few Indian curries and Chinese dishes - including Peking Duck!

Having eaten our quota of food, we turn our attention to the huge variety of delicious-looking desserts on offer!

My favorite was this ... cake. Mounds of ice cream loaded with tons of toppings like M&Ms, various nuts and berries, and finished off with a generous amount of chocolate sauce - yummy!

Overall we end up pretty satisfied! Dinner for AUD59 nett per person was, in our opinion, reasonable for a spread of this quality and quantity. Typical of most buffets the dishes are solid but not outstanding - perfect if you're in the mood for trying lots of variety.

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